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Yoga Girl Daily - September 27th 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Being of Service, Feel-Good Friday

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About the Episode

To head into the weekend feeling good, let’s be of service!

We all have causes we are passionate about. We want to help those in need and make the world a better place.

But sometimes we get so caught up in our lives, we forget to look around and notice those in need of support. So today, we are going to donate money to an organization and a cause we believe in.

It doesn’t matter how much you give. Give one dollar, or 20! Maybe you skip your usual latte or make a small change in your day so you can afford to give to a greater cause.

We all have the ability to make an impact, so let’s head into the weekend doing some good.


[00:32] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Friday, you beautiful human being you! We have made it through an entire work week. It's Feel-Good Friday today, we are about to head into the weekend and we're going to do that feeling really good. For our Fridays here at Yoga Girl Daily, of course we have our self-care practice every Friday, so something that's for us that leaves us feeling really, really, really good. Today for our self-care practice, we're actually going to do something that's not just good for us, but that's good for someone else too. We are going to donate some money today. What! We are going to donate some money today and here's the thing, we all have different causes that we feel really passionate about. I really believe that each of us, we have this longing to be of service inside of our hearts.

[01:27] We all want to make this world a better place. Sometimes we tend to get a little bit self-absorbed, especially if we’re moving through something challenging, it can be an easy thing to forget to do, to look up and around right, especially when we're caught up in something really, really challenging and actually a really beautiful and important self-care practice is being of service for other people. There's many ways to be of service and today for our daily practice we are going to donate some money to an organization that we feel strongly about. And here's the thing, it doesn't matter how much you give. If you're moving through a phase in your life right now where you are really struggling financially, you're not going to dig deep into your pockets and give a bunch of money away that you don't actually have to give. So remembering that for organizations that are out there doing really important and good work in the world, every single dollar counts.

[02:19] So if all you have to give right now is $1, that's okay. Give that $1. If you have $5 to give, give $5 away. Maybe today you make the sacrifice of not buying something that you normally buy. Maybe you have an indulgence or something that you do every day. Perhaps you have that, you know, $5 latte over at your coffee shop, like skip that today. Give $5 to an organization that's worthy of your money instead. if you're doing really well financially, then go ahead. Give more. If you have more to give, give it away. There are an abundance of amazing organizations out there that are doing the really heavy work when it comes to making this world a better place. So perhaps you know of an organization already that you really want to support, then go ahead and donate something to them. Perhaps you need to do a little bit of research.

[03:08] What I suggest is always to choose a cause that you feel really resonates in your heart. For me, I feel really passionate about children and animals. That's always been my soft spots in life. So whenever I'm doing anything that's to be of service, that's always where I tend to gravitate toward. But perhaps for you, you are really passionate about the environment or clean water or right now, you know there's a lot of things happening in this world. The Amazon needs your help. There are organizations that fight to keep families united that need your help. There are organizations that help children in need that need your help. There's organizations that help refugees that need your help. There's, you know, there's a never ending list of organizations that are really doing important work and sometimes we forget that we actually have the ability to make an impact.

[03:55] If you give $10 a month to an organization, that's $120 a year. Imagine if 10 of us did that. 100 of us did that. 1,000 of us did that. If enough of us do a little bit, or if enough of us do what we can do, we would actually be helping to make this world a much better place than it is right now. So don't go thinking that you can't make a difference. You don't have to be a multimillionaire to be able to give something. So if it's that $5, then do it. If you can give $500 bucks, do that. If you can do more, maybe if you're working for a big corporation that you know, donates money every year, perhaps go fight for that specific cause. Convince people that you have in your life to give something and make sure your money goes to a good place.

[04:40] There's lots of research you can do online. Choose a reputable organization and today give them a little bit of your hard earned money knowing that it's going to do some good in the world. So don't forget that a really beautiful part of self-care is being of service for others. So I hope you can enter this weekend feeling really good knowing that you have done some good for organizations in need today. Thank you so much for helping us make this world a better place. Thank you for donating. Thank you for tuning in. I hope you've had a really good week so far. Have an amazing weekend, and I'll be back on Monday.

[End of Episode]