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Yoga Girl Daily - September 19th 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Gratitude, Thankful Thursday

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About the Episode

Today for Thankful Thursday, our gratitude practice is centered around a person in our life that we struggle with.

Who came to your mind first?

Maybe it’s a family member or a friend that hurt you or betrayed you and you are holding on to that resentment. Sending them gratitude can be really challenging.

But here’s the thing – there is always a nugget of gold to find in the struggle. Maybe it taught you how to set boundaries or how to recognize what you actually need in your life.

Gratitude will help breathe some space into that resentment! Give thanks, here, now.


[00:52] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Thursday, you beautiful human being you! I am so thankful that you're tuning into Yoga Girl Daily today, especially for our Thankful Thursdays. Every Thursday here at Yoga Girl Daily, we have a gratitude practice. Usually when we have any type of gratitude practice, we focus on the people and the things and the blessings that we have in our lives that's actually easy for us to find gratitude for, right? Our friends or family, the people that are always there for us, that support us every day. Having a gratitude practice and directing gratitude toward them is fairly easy. So today we are going to do something fairly unconventional and I want you to stick with me for this one.

[01:42] We are going to focus on that one person that we have in our lives or have had in our lives that is really, really challenging for us. Ooooo, maybe you're already shuddering a little bit. Ooo, that sounds like a like a strange kind of practice. So we all have, or at least most of us, we have that one person in our lives that we struggle with. Maybe it's a relationship, perhaps it’s a friendship that's changed recently. Maybe it's someone that hurt you in some way. Maybe it's a person where you feel like there's some resentment there. Perhaps a family member that's challenging, someone that you have in your life that you're struggling with. Now, this practice excludes any and all, you know, severe abuse or any kind of trauma. I'm talking about the mundane kind of day-to-day struggles that we have with regular people and relationships in our lives.

[02:31] So take a moment to tune in and see who that person is for you. What's a relationship or a person that you've been struggling with? Someone who the idea of sending gratitude to maybe feels really far out and crazy. Whichever person first pops up in your head, that's the one. That's the one you know. So it could be an old friend. Maybe it's someone that you've cut out of your life and they're not no longer present in your life. That's okay. It can be someone that's not here with you right now, but that person that you've struggled with. Now, how can we direct gratitude toward a person that we have a hard time engaging with? How can we bring gratitude toward a person that may be hurt us? Maybe we feel betrayed in some way. How can we be in gratitude and why should we do that?

[03:17] So here's the thing. At some points there was something beautiful in that relationship. They wouldn't have been your friend. You wouldn't have invited them into your life if it wasn't for the fact that there was something there. Perhaps the situation, the challenge that you went through taught you something about yourself. Maybe it taught you how to set boundaries. Maybe it taught you how to recognize people for who they are. Maybe it triggered something inside of you that you needed to learn about yourself. There's something about this challenge, about this struggle, about that person, that relationship that has brought you something. Or perhaps there was a quality that that person had before the struggle that really attracted you to them, that really brought you something at some point. So finding a little nugget of gold there. And same thing, when we're thinking of just the first person that pops into our mind,

[04:11] Usually the mind goes to something that we immediately know as truth. Perhaps at some point, this person was a really good friend for you. Maybe they gave you something already. Maybe they changed and it's not true anymore, but at some point, this person was valuable in your life. Perhaps you're feeling hurt by this person because they actually mean a lot to you. Maybe even there's still love there. So take a moment and feel into your heart center right now feeling into your heart space, something that you have to be grateful for that this person has brought you, whether it's a quality that they have or something that they did for you, or even something that the struggle of the situation or the relationship has gifted you. I am a very firm believer of that. The struggles that we encounter in our relationships, they all trigger something inside of ourselves.

[05:04] And every one of those struggles can be an opportunity for us to grow inside of ourselves, for us to learn more about ourselves. Perhaps that trigger really is a doorway into a beautiful realization that you're about to have about yourself. So taking this moment now to feel into that space and sending gratitude to this person. You can envision them in your mind's eye and silently to yourself just repeating. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, thank you. And maybe it's a really reluctant thank you. That's okay. Maybe it's a very small thank you. That's okay. Perhaps the moment you open that door or step onto that journey of gratitude toward that person, it actually feels easy to give them some gratitude and you don't have to tell them to their face doing this on your own energetically in your heart as enough.

[06:00] So one more time just feeling into your heart telling that person, thank you. Thank you for the struggles. Thank you for the challenge. Thank you for the pain. Thank you for the betrayal. Thank you for the hardship that this brought me because it's teaching me something that I need to know. Maybe you can feel that resonance in the rest of the body. Have some things softening. The moment we open up that little space of gratitude for the challenging people that our lives usually, we can also release a little bit of the resentment that's been there, and perhaps we can find some more ease around the whole situation and then with time, of course, make more space for gratitude as well.

[06:45] Thank you so much for sticking with me for this fairly unconventional gratitude practice today. I appreciate you so much. Thank you for doing this work. I'll see you tomorrow.

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