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Yoga Girl Daily - September 24th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Gratitude, Thankful Thursday

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About the Episode

What major life lesson have you learned this year? Have you learned to let go of control? To go with the flow? To set boundaries? To practice self-care?

Often, the most challenging years go hand in hand with learning the most about ourselves.

In today’s practice, we will take some time to acknowledge how far we’ve come, and the lessons that brought us to where we are now.

Tune in to surround yourself in gratitude.


[00:44] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Thursday, and welcome to our gratitude practice of this week. I'm so excited today. I am so excited about our gratitude practices. They are so valuable, so important, and I have actually gotten into the practice these days of returning back to old episodes. So yes, I sometimes do listen to and practice with the Yoga Girl episodes all on my own. It's a really good tool to have, especially if I'm feeling like I have a hard time anchoring into that practice of gratitude today, then I can look back and there are hundreds of these practices that I can find and return to again and again and again.

[01:29] So today, I want us to take a moment to acknowledge that big life lesson that you have learned this year. And I think it's a pretty remarkable thing that I can sit here and say this to the many, many people who listened to this podcast with full confidence, that I know you have learned a major life lesson this year. You've probably learned a lot of major life lessons. You're probably in the midst of learning something huge, something life changing, something transformational right now. And how can I know that with so much confidence? Well, because we have all struggled so much this year and we know that those big lessons, those big moments of realizations and learnings and epiphanies, they go hand in hand with the struggle, with the pain, with the challenge. So, take a moment right now, if you want, you can close your eyes and just bring your awareness to that big life lesson that you really feel has come your way this year, that is going to stay with you forever.

[02:34] And if you are like me and you've had more lessons than you would prefer, maybe you need a little moment just to really kind of sort through the big realizations and the big epiphanies and see where your awareness takes you, right? That big lesson. For many of us, it's a lesson about letting go, letting go of control, letting go of expectation. For a lot of us, it's going with the flow, right? Trusting that at the end of all of this stuff that we're moving through, we are going to end up somewhere good. For a lot of us, it's been about boundaries. I think, big life lessons about boundaries. Maybe your life lesson is about self-care, right? Or maybe your purpose here in life, or maybe it's a big, big pattern that you've had your whole life and all of a sudden, now you can recognize it and there's a lot of wisdom that came with that.

[03:22] Let's take a moment to anchor into that place right now. For me, one of the ones that are resonating the most right now is, and this is funny because I learned this life lesson a little over 10 years ago, I was doing an Ayahuasca ceremony and I had this big, big, big epiphany, and it's been 10 years. And then this year I got to sort of revive that life lesson, because I think I forgot a little bit of it. And I had this big moment just now just, just this week where I was just reminded of the importance of this and that I need to live it all the time. And that is… what I resist persists.

[04:07] That is, the biggest challenge that I have in life isn't dealing with pain, right? Or isn't dealing with whatever hardship comes my way, but it's resisting that thing, that's the hardest thing of all, or resisting my emotions or trying to avoid what's happening or trying to escape or making myself feel better when I'm not feeling better. My big life lesson for this year really is what I resist persists. So, it's all about allowing and accepting my own reality, allowing and accepting my own emotions. So, I don't spend half my life at war with myself. Once you have your life lesson and you feel really anchored into that place, we're going to take a moment right now just to envelop that lesson in gratitude. Just saying that makes me drop my shoulders and I automatically just brought a hand to my heart.

[05:03] Just envelop that life lesson in gratitude because chances are, whatever life lesson you just picked, it came your way through a lot of hardship and sometimes some of that hardship or that struggle it lingers with the realization. So, it's a good thing to just envelop that learning with a shit ton of gratitude, just hold it to your heart and go, thank you. I am so grateful I learned this, and that doesn't mean we have to be grateful for every single thing that came our way on the path to learning this big piece of wisdom. But we can sit here now and be grateful for the learning, for the wisdom, for the life lesson. I'm so grateful. I was able to anchor back into the importance of this and this big life changing thing that came my way through a lot of pain and realizing that the most thing of all is me resisting the pain, not the pain itself. Am I grateful that I can really anchor into that truth right now. So, repeating those words a couple of times to yourself. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Holding this wisdom in gratitude all throughout the day today. Wishing you a beautiful rest of the day. Thank you so much for tuning in today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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