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Yoga Girl Daily - August 23rd 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Feel-Good Friday, Self-Love

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About the Episode

Let’s head into the weekend feeling good!

How much time do you actually take out of your week to do something just for you? Self-care is a practice that requires discipline. It cannot be something we do at the end of the day if there happens to be time left over!

Today for Feel-Good Friday, we practice self-care in the form of movement. It doesn’t matter how (Yoga? Run? Dance party?), but commit to 30 minutes of movement for the simple reason that it makes you feel good.

Tune in now to transition from work to rest and ride the feel-good wave through the entire weekend.


[00:34] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Friday, everyone! We made it you guys. We've made it. We made it. We made it. It's Friday, the last day of the week.

[00:45] I don't know about you but I am super excited to head into the weekend. This is the last episode of Yoga Girl Daily of the week and as we’re about to head into the weekend, let's do it feeling good! It's time we wind down from our working lives. I had a really busy week. I'm sure you had a busy week, too. We all need to enjoy some well-deserved rest right now. So that is why on Feel-Good Fridays, every single Friday we practice self-care. Self-care. You heard it. I am so excited about this theme. Self-care. I feel like it's a term we hear thrown around a lot these days, but how much time do you actually take out of your week to do something just for you? Really just for you, not for anybody else. Most of us, we spent so much time giving of ourselves and for many of us, our days are completely filled with work, to-do lists, and family that needs supporting.

[01:37] There's just so much doing and giving in a day and practicing self-care; this is something that I actually realized pretty recently, but a self-care practice requires actual discipline. It has to be disciplined, just like your yoga practice or anything else. It can't be something at the bottom of your list of priorities that if you magically end up with some time left over in your day, then you do something for yourself. No, you gotta prioritize that shit! You gotta put yourself at the very top of the list, so recognizing that you can only show up for others fully as the best version of you when your cup is full, so you have to find tons of different ways to fill it and practice self-care over and over and have it be a part of your regular daily routine. So every single Friday for Feel-Good Friday, I'm going to give you a specific self-care tip or maybe an action to take to get you feeling good. It might be something really specific or it might just open up a doorway for you to try something new and get out of your comfort zone. Whatever it is, it's going to help you transition from work to rest and you'll get to ride that feel good way all through the weekend.

[02:53] Today we are practicing self-care in the form of movement. You heard it: movement! We're going to move our bodies today. Movement is a hugely important part of self-care. It is so important for us to move our bodies. Moving our bodies makes us feel really good and we move stagnant energy around. We get to get our heart rate up. It's good for us to move. We know physically, emotionally, mentally movement is really, really, really important for our health, for our mental health. Getting up to move is a really important thing as well as it's not just for the physical body. When we move today for self-care, it's really important that we're very clear on why we're moving. We're moving with the intention to feel good. That is the beginning and the end of why we move. We move to feel good. That's it.

[03:40] There's no other ulterior motive or moving because you feel like you have to or because you feel guilted into it or because you have an idea of something being wrong with your body or something that you want to change. No, you move simply for the very, very, very simple reason that moving our bodies makes us feel good. That's it. The intention of this movement is to feel great so it doesn't actually matter exactly how you move today, but I want you to commit to 30 minutes of movement moving till the point of sweating, like actually moving, moving, not just going for a little stroller on the block, like actually sweating 30 minutes of movement. That's your self-care practice today. If you want to make that an hour, of course, go ahead be my guest, but a minimum of 30 minutes. There's so many things you can choose from.

[04:26] So you can go and take a really sweaty yoga class. You can go for a run or maybe you're into CrossFit or Zumba or something else. There's so many ways to move the body. You can also make a kick ass 30-minute playlist and just dance around like a maniac in your living room for 30 minutes. I mean a 30-minute dance party to begin the weekend? Could there be a more joyful form of self-care? Seriously. So many ways to move… but get moving! I am planning today to do a 30-minute run. Normally I run for 25 minutes, but because I'm setting 30 minutes as a really good time to move, I'm going to make myself run for an extra five today. So anything that gets you going and then just take that moment, especially when it's hard, especially when you feel like it's challenging because there's always that point when we exercise, when it feels you know, tricky or we don't feel really motivated to go.

[05:13] Usually that space is right before we move. But if you have that moment, mid exercise where, oh, it's hard, remind yourself that this is a part of self-care, right? It's a sustainable thing that you're doing to feel good, not just in this moment or right after you move, but for the whole weekend and hopefully for the rest of your life. So put movement, 30 minutes of movement until you sweat at the very top of your list of priorities today. Make sure you move to feel good. I can't wait to hear how you're moving your body. I'll let you guys know how my run went. This is the last episode of Yoga Girl Daily for the week. I wish you guys an amazing weekend. I hope you take really good care of yourself. Practice self-care, continue doing all of these things we've done all week long. That make us feel really good. And I'll see you back on Monday.

[End of Episode]