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Yoga Girl Daily - April 10th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Healing, Meditation, Feel-Good Friday, Self-Love

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About the Episode

All mammals shake!

You may have noticed yourself shaking when you are cold or scared or angry. The purpose of shaking is to release stagnant energy and stressors that can get stuck in our nervous system.

Tune in as Rachel guides you through how to practice a shaking meditation, then try it for yourself.

When in doubt, shake it out!


[00:04] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Friday! It's Feel-Good Friday today, which feels strange to say because it's rare, I think, for all of us to wake up and just feel really good, but that's the point of this practice is to anchor into something that will help elevate our spirits and have us feeling good all through the weekend. Today I have an actual physical practice for you, so we are doing a really amazing challenge over at yogagirl.com, we're doing 30 days of free yoga. If you're not practicing already, you just go to yogagirl.com, create a free account and do your free yoga on the site every single day. And for this 30 day challenge, we had a day that was centered around a practice that has deeply changed my life, something that I reach for on days when I'm not feeling well, when I feel tense, when I feel overwhelmed or stressed.

[00:58] It's a really actually easy practice that can turn your whole day around and that's what I want to give you today for Feel-Good Friday and through the weekend. This practice is shaking! If you joined me for our shaking, this was I think a week ago. We had shaking as a theme of the 30 day challenge at yogagirl.com. I had thousands of people join me for a shake on Instagram live. It was one of one of the most amazing moments I've had so far of this super weird time during this pandemic and I want to leave you with this practice today. Whether or not you've done it before, maybe this is your first ever time. This is your nudge. Just hearing about shaking as a practice means you are ready to shake. What you're going to do is on Spotify, I have a playlist called SHAKE! You just search Yoga Girl on Spotify and I have a playlist there called SHAKE!

[01:47] And it begins with some really trippy music. It's 12 minutes of shaking and then the music begins to wind down and changes into something very soft and emotional and at that point you're going to lie down and take Savasana on the floor and just feel, and for the actual shake, so shaking the body, it's exactly what it sounds like. You're going to come to a standing position, feet a little wider or hip width distance apart, softening into the knees, and you're going to begin to shake the body. There's no wrong way to shake. Arms down by your sides, swinging and bouncing through the knees, and it can be a big shake or a little shake. You can just intuitively shake in a way that feels like it makes sense for the body, but shaking everything right, from your feet up to the crown of the head, from your head to your toes, shoulders, hips, arms.

[02:39] You know everything is going to shake. And in the beginning you might find that your mind is pretty loud in terms of, am I shaking right? Is this right or wrong? After a while, you'll get to a place where the body just takes over. The body knows how to shake and shaking is a primal practice. Every mammal in this world shakes. You've seen a for sure you've seen a dog get up from a nap and just shake everything off. Shaking is something mammals do to literally arrive at the next moment. So any stagnant energy, any stressors, any challenging thing we've been through, all of that gets a little bit stuck in our nervous system, gets stuck in our body, especially if we've ever experienced some sort of trauma. So it's scientifically proven that trauma actually freezes in our nervous system and we can actually somehow reside in that traumatic vibration for years to come after having experienced something super, super challenging.

[03:38] So a way to release trauma is actually through shake or shaking exercises. The shaking that we're going to do is very easy going, so that doesn't have to relate to anything heavy or terrible in your life, but you can think of it literally as a way to shake off the day. Whatever came your way, whatever difficult thoughts you were thinking or worries you've been through or tension you've felt, or even just like the regular tension of moving through a regular day. We shake in the afternoon because it gives us a chance to shake the day away. Anything you've been holding on to shake it off. This is your moment. This is your day. So all you need, the entire practice is about 20-25 minutes long. You need some undisturbed time. You can do this in your bedroom. You can do it literally anywhere. You don't need a lot of space.

[04:27] You're going to stand up the whole time. And then at the end you'll be lying flat on the floor. So if you have kids around or you need a little bit of help, just ask someone to help watch your kids for a moment so you can do this on your own. Take that time to shake it out, get deeply into the body. And then when that shaking music ends, you'll lie on the floor and just witness what's happening inside. Just let yourself feel and breathe. That is our practice for the day. And I am 100% certain it's going to make you feel really good. Trust me, trust me. If it sounds weird, it's because it is. Do it anyway. And if it feels good, do it tomorrow and the next day, too. Wishing you a happy shake and I hope you feel good through the weekend. Yoga Girl Daily will be back on Monday.

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