A Meditation Toward Peace favorite_border

Yoga Girl Daily - June 17th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Wellbeing Wednesday, Meditation

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About the Episode

We come to our meditation practice to find peace - but it is a journey to get there!

Meditation is a practice, and finding peace means embracing all layers of ourselves with open arms. Only once we find acceptance will we discover true peace.

Tune in today as Rachel takes you on a journey from your breath, to your physical self, and your energetic body.

As you embrace all layers of yourself and align in this moment, you may just find peace along the way.


[00:40] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and welcome to our meditation practice of this week. Every single Wednesday, we have a short moment to ground and to meditate. Perfect little bite sized moments to tune into yourself wherever you are. So, let's start right away. I want you to find a comfortable place to sit down just the way you already are. We're just taking five minutes right now to tune in, to feel, so without making the idea of meditation into too big of a deal, right? It's literally just sitting down, closing your eyes and taking a moment to feel what's happening inside of you right now. So the way you are in this moment, without shifting, without changing, that's an interesting practice, right? To allow ourselves to be the way we are. So as you close your eyes, allowing for this transition to happen right away, right? So don't wait for peace or for calm to come your way, but just with your eyes closed right now. Notice the level of energy that's already present inside of you. Perhaps you’re in the middle of a very busy day right now, you might be sensing some high energy moving around in different parts of the body. Maybe you're sensing a lot of awareness right now, around your mind, around your brain.

[02:16] Perhaps you're having a very calm day and you're feeling very grounded in this moment. Whatever is moving inside of you, go ahead and meet that with open arms, right? So, if stress is here today, notice that. If sadness is here today, notice that. If joy is present and visiting you right now, notice that. So, treating all of these emotions, all of these energies, the same, welcoming them with open arms. If we're always waiting for that motivation to meditate, or if we’re waiting to feel at peace so we can meditate, then we might find ourselves waiting forever. So, allowing this to become a habit, to just tune in and notice. Now sensing the quality of your breath in this moment. Keeping the inhales and exhales flowing through the nose. The way they already are.

[03:24] In the same way you were noticing that inner energy, notice the quality of the breath. Is your breath long, or is it short? Do you feel like your breath is relaxed or is it a little bit tense? Do you feel like you have lots of space to breathe right now or are you sensing anything restricted inside? And then give yourself enough time to just little by little allow for the breath to grow deeper. And the moment your breath is a little more connected, let's also check in with a physical body. Perhaps with each cycle of breath, your shoulders can drop up a little bit more. Your face can soften.

[04:26] Your belly can soften. Anywhere within the body where before maybe there was a bit of tension consciously bring softness to that place, and then sensing the beautiful connection between these layers to our being right, the energetic body, that inner energy that you were sensing just now. Your breath and your physical body. Aligning in this moment, connecting in this moment, letting your presence fill every inch of your body and then just staying here, now. Stay right here, right now. And then next time you inhale, let's allow for that breath to be the deepest breath you've taken all day long. So inhale through the nose, fill up, open the mouth and let it out. And you can choose to stay here and linger in this present moment a little while longer, or you can blink your eyes open and return to wherever your awareness was before this practice. Thank you so much for practicing with me today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back with some gratitude tomorrow.

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