A Meditation to Soften Your Body and Your Heart favorite_border

Yoga Girl Daily - August 12th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Wellbeing Wednesday, Meditation

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About the Episode

As you settle into your meditation practice for today, place your hands on your lower belly and allow it to soften.

There is usually a holding on in our stomach, and it can take some time to fully release. Work toward letting it all go.

As you feel your breath with the palms of your hands, you will notice that your body expands with each inhale, and softens with each exhale. By practicing letting go physically, we learn to let go emotionally as well. Is there something your heart is holding onto that is no longer needed?

Tune in to feel a sense of calm spread from your belly to all areas of your body, mind, and soul.


[00:04] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Wednesday, and welcome to our meditation practice of this week. So, let's get started right away, find a comfortable seat and let's make sure we are all leaning back, feeling very comfortable and in a space where we can relax a little bit right now. And I want you to take a moment to place either one or both of your hands on top of your low belly. So, that space right beneath the belly button there, and take a moment and allow your belly to all the way relax, just to relax completely. A lot of us, we carry a lot of holding on around the belly. Especially as women, we tend to hold the belly in at times and you can actually take a little while for us to allow a complete space of relaxation in this part of the body.

[00:57] So, soften the belly, feel the softness of the belly right now, and then let the rest of the body follow suit. Give yourself space to soften the shoulders, the face, the neck, upper arms. Everything can just relax a little bit right now and then breathing through the nose. So, inhales and exhales continue to flow through your nose. I want you to allow your next breath in to be directed into the palms of your hands right now. So, let your eyes stay closed and let your entire face soften and let the next breath in energetically, be directed into the palms of the hands. And take a moment just to feel this space of the body, feeling the lower belly and how, as you breathe into this place, the belly just very gently expands. It allows you to take up more space for this breath to enter the body.

[02:09] And then as you exhale, we'll exhale from the same place, so from the lower belly, from the palms of the hands, all the way back out through the nose. And on the exhale, you'll notice that just very gentle contraction or softening of the body to help you exhale the breath out. And that's it, that's how simple this practice is going to be today. You'll breathe in through the nose, breathing into the palms of the hands and to the low belly, feeling the expansion of space. You'll exhale from the hands, from the low belly, breathing all of that air back out through the nose, continuing just like that. Deep, full breath in, breathing into the low belly. Deep breath out, breathing out from the low belly. Inhale into the low belly and the palms of the hands, exhale from the belly and the palms of your hands.

[03:26] Inhale, deep belly breath. Exhale, deep belly breath out. Continuing this on your own. So, finding your own rhythm here as you breathe, dropping into your own cadence as you breathe, nothing else matters right now, just this breath, the simplicity and complexity of this breath. Inhale into the low belly and exhale out from the low belly. Let everything else fall away. All of your awareness, all of your focus, all of your presence is here now with every breath in and every breath out. Notice how this concentrated awareness on the breath will help you soften everything else. And not just physically, but perhaps there is something emotionally or something you've been carrying in your heart that you can allow to soften now as well. Just letting everything go.

[04:45] Let's take one more full cycle of breath, just like that. Breathing in through the nose, down into the low belly, into the palms of the hands and breathing out through the nose, from the low belly, from the palms of hands. If you're beginning to experience a sense of calm spreading from your belly out into the rest of the body, feel free to stay here for a few more minutes, just to continue this very simple and profound practice of using the breath as a doorway into this moment. Knowing that here now, in this exact moment as you are, sitting here with your eyes closed, breathing in and out from the belly, everything is okay. Everything is okay. Thank you so much for joining me for this practice. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

[End of Episode]