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Yoga Girl Daily - May 20th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Self-Love, Meditation, Wellbeing Wednesday

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About the Episode

Meditation is a way to come back to our bodies.

In today’s practice, place the palm of your hand onto your stomach and really feel what it means to live in this body, to experience life through this body, to be here in this body here, now.

We waste so much time judging ourselves, comparing ourselves to others or immersed in our thoughts - but the pathway to self-love is as simple as just allowing yourself to be.

Tune in to become present.


[00:49] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Wednesday and welcome to our Wellbeing Wednesday episode of this week. It's time for us to take a moment to ground, to really tune into our bodies and connect to this present moment. Wherever you're at right now, let's take a moment to sit down and then just close your eyes right away. If you're having any kind of trouble today to really access that connection within, to really make your way here, now, take this moment right now to place your hands onto your body. It's a really simple, easy doorway to the present moment to just have that connection through the palms of the hands to yourself. So, placing the hands on the belly or on the legs, maybe on your heart center, and then increase that connection a little bit and use the palm of the hand to really ground, almost like you're using your hands to say hello to yourself. And then right away, drop into feeling. Take a deep breath into this place. Open the mouth and let it go. This moment is a coming back to the body or saying hello to the body right now. Notice what it feels like to live here in this body, to experience life from this body, to be here in this moment, in this body right now.

[02:37] Maybe it's been a long time since you took a moment to really connect with your own body. For many of us, we spend so much time looking at the body from outside in, or maybe staring at ourselves in the reflection of a mirror, or looking down at a number on a scale, or comparing ourselves with other people. There's a lot of energy wasted judging the body, so having these moments to just experience being in the body is really, really important. Thinking about body positivity or self-love or accepting ourselves for the way we are, it's a really long journey to get there if we don't have this practice of closing the eyes, placing the hands to the body and just feeling what it's like to be here, now. That's the way toward self-love, right? It's these little moments throughout the day where we get to immerse ourselves completely in the here, now. Where we can just feel. Where we don't have to think or we don't have to judge, where we no longer compare.

[03:53] So imagining you're meeting your body right now for the first time all day. Hi. Hi, Body. Hello. Wow. You do so much for me every day. You hold so much for me every day. You allow me to experience so much from this beautifully safe place. So how about right now we take a moment to just appreciate the body that we've been blessed with. From that place of feeling, just sensing whatever emotion is present right now, noticing what's coming up, what's surfacing for you. Your body is this beautiful container for all of this – this whole experience of life. So really go deep. Yeah, get a little closer to truth right now. Feel your heart beating inside of your chest. Sense the breath in and the breath out. Feel the warmth of your body beneath the palms of your hands. Really feel yourself alive in this moment. What a blessing to be alive here, now. Even in moments that are hard, right? Even in moments that are challenging, even in pain, and of course, in beauty and gratitude and joy, but even in struggle, even in pain. What a blessing to feel this here now. So, let's take a deeper breath. Imagine you can breathe some space all the way to the very core of your being.

[05:52] Inhale, open the mouth and exhale it out. Right now if you feel the need to just stay here with your body a little longer to just be present, to not have to hurry to get to the next thing, to not have to rush anywhere, but give yourself a few more minutes right now to just sit here with your eyes closed, feeling this experience of life. I know I'll linger here in this place, right in this place here, now for just a little longer. Thank you for this practice today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

[End of Episode]