A Meditation to Feel (Not Think!) favorite_border

Yoga Girl Daily - March 4th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Meditation, Self-Love, Wellbeing Wednesday

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About the Episode

What does it feel like to be here, in this body, in this moment?

Can you turn your thinking mind off and experience this physical space through the lens of your heart?

Today’s meditation practice will allow you to accept the miracle of your body without judgement. With time, you will recognize that you relate to this world only through your body.

You are a way for the universe to know itself, and you are good enough exactly as you are. Tune in to feel it.


[00:32] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Wednesday and welcome to our meditation practice for this week. Let's get right to it. So finding a comfortable place to sit, making sure you feel some level of ease in this present moment. So not trying to be too rigid or be too stuck in your head around what a meditation practice should be but letting yourself drop into a place of comfort right now. And then let's take a cleansing breath just to open this practice. Full breath in through the nose, inhale. Hold the breath for a moment at the top and then open the mouth and let something go. Connecting to the breath fully here, now. So watching and noticing that flow of air as it moves through the body, connecting to your life force, your prana. And see if you can start to slow this breath down just a little bit. So, allowing your next inhale to grow just a little bit fuller inside of the body and then balancing that out beautifully on the exhale. So slowing the exhale down. Getting very present, not just with the workings of the breath, but with your entire body as a whole. Our meditation practice, sometimes it's the one time in the day where we can actually experience the beauty and the miracle of this body without thinking about the body with our judging mind, but simply allowing yourself to experience this moment from this physical place. So, what does it feel like to be here?

[02:38] For me right now, I have the corners of my mouth turned up into this big smile. I just feel at ease sitting here right now. It is a beautiful transition or a practice to learn how to move from that thinking mind, where we always are thinking about the body, usually as something as either good or bad or not good enough, and dropping into that physical level of listening from the heart and just feeling the body from within. Allowing ourselves to experience the magic of this vessel you were given in this lifetime that allows you to go so many places throughout this world.

[03:22] Every experience you've ever had in your life, every moment of joy, of gratitude, of love, of excitement, has come your way thanks to this body that you're in right now. Even in this moment, allowing yourself to feel the breath and be present here. It's all happening through this body. Our body allows us to relate with this world, allows us to feel and experience and embrace, so simply enjoying the body in this moment and allowing a little more space to be cultivated around our thinking mind. It's like we're expanding the space we have in between each one of our thoughts so that it becomes a little bit easier to bring our awareness to the body and away from the thoughts that are passing through our minds. So, moving into this place of feeling, moving into this place of just being. It's a lovely realization to have the moment we really feel into that place of it's okay for me to be here the way I am. There is nothing I have to change about who I am in this moment, but I can just be here. I can just feel here. I don't have to change anything right now. Let's breathe deeply into that knowing, that beautiful knowing that you are so enough in this moment, just the way you are.

[05:23] Taking this final moment to place your hands to your heart center and just sending some love and some gratitude back to your body, back to this place, back home. And then gently blink your eyes open. Thank you so much for moving into this very simple but also such a profound practice. So grateful that you're here practicing with me every Wednesday. Yoga Girl Daily will be back with some gratitude tomorrow.

[End of Episode]