A Meditation to Exhale and Release favorite_border

Yoga Girl Daily - April 22nd 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Meditation, Wellbeing Wednesday

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About the Episode

As you anchor into your meditation practice today, turn your awareness to your breath. More specifically, focus only on your exhales.

Allow your inhales to be wide, open, empty spaces, directing your attention to the quality, the length, and the feeling of your breaths out.

As Rachel guides you through this practice, you may realize that your breath is growing deeper, your shoulders are dropping, and your face is softening. You are being drawn into the present moment through the power of your breath.

Tune in to begin.


[00:39] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Wednesday! It is time for us to anchor into our meditation practice of this week. So, finding a comfortable place to sit, making sure that wherever you're at right now you have just five minutes to yourself so we can ground into the body right now. Let's go ahead and close the eyes and with the eyes closed, using whichever doorway feels more accessible to us right now so that we can step into the present moment. For me, usually it's my breath, just allowing myself to become deeply present and deeply aware of the flow of the breath in and the breath out as it moves through my nose.

[01:37] For you, perhaps it's allowing yourself to deeply feel into the physical body, allowing yourself to be very conscious with this presence and this temple of yours right now. Maybe you have a mantra or a mindfulness way or exercise that you'd like just to bring yourself here now. And then the moment you feel yourself arriving, sometimes we have a little nudge that the body gives us the moment we have arrived, the moment we are absolutely present in the body. It could be taking a deeper breath. It can be the shoulders dropping, maybe your face, your heart softening a little bit. Allowing yourself to be absolutely present in this moment. And now for today's practice, I want us to focus purely on the exhale. So, listening to the sounds of your surroundings, being aware and alert around what's happening in this moment right now and allowing some of your awareness to linger on the breath out.

[02:53] And as you inhale, allowing for the inhale to become a wide empty space. And when the exhale comes, you bring your awareness to the exhale again. So it's like the ebb and flow of the breath also allows for some ebb and some flow around this alertness, this awareness. So, your inhale, it's this big wide empty space where you're just here, now. And your exhale, your awareness can really deepen into the breath, the feeling of the breath out, the direction of the breath out, the texture, the quality of the breath out. And then when the inhale comes again, big wide open space. Exhale; bring your awareness there. And then continue that with your own rhythm, your own cadence. Inhaling into that vast open space of presence and exhale deep awareness on the breath out. And perhaps each cycle of breath allows for a deepening of a sense of relaxation within the body. You might notice other parts of the body where there's been a bit of holding on, how they can soften and let go. And again, inhale, noticing the quality of this presence right now. Your ability to be here and exhale awareness to the breath out, feeling into this place, this moment, this breath, this body you have been given in this life.

[04:48] And that beautiful experience of no matter what life has thrown your way today, you can come back and be here, now, that place where there is no judgment, no issues, no problems, barely even thoughts, that amazing ability that you have of bringing yourself back home. Inhaling into that vast beautifully quiet space where you are just here, now. And your exhale gives you an anchor, a place to linger, a place to touch. Let's take a few more breaths exactly like that. And then gently bringing your hands to your heart center. Allow the corners of the mouth to turn up into just a hint of a smile. Appreciating this brief but very important moment of being. Now, whatever this day has in store for you, you are ready. You can blink your eyes open and thank you so much for practicing with me today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back with some gratitude tomorrow.

[End of Episode]