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Yoga Girl Daily - February 12th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Meditation, Self-Love, Wellbeing Wednesday

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About the Episode

As you tap into your meditation practice today, use your palms as a way to make a deep connection to your body. We tend to move through life with so many judgements and concerns surrounding our physical selves. Today, let’s put those thoughts aside. Allow yourself to let go of resistance, take up space, and notice your presence as an interconnected wonder.

You are whole - tune in to feel it.


[00:31] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Wednesday! It's hump day today, so the perfect day for us to ground into a meditation. So, you can practice this meditation with me wherever you are right now. If you have the chance to sit down so you can really get comfortable and close your eyes, go right ahead. Let's start with a deeply cleansing breath. Let's take a full breath all the way in through the nose and then loud and clear, open up your mouth and exhale to release.

[01:16] Let's choose an area of your body right now where you would like to place your hands. So just noticing naturally where your hands gravitate toward. Sometimes we want to place our hands on our hearts as we're meditating. Sometimes we want to rest our hands in our lap, on our knees, maybe on the belly, or somewhere on top of your body right now where you can place your hands palms down, just to make a little bit of a deeper connection to yourself and to your body in this moment. And then once you have that place, really ground down through the palms of the hands. Make this connection to the body that you're in right here. And as you begin to slow the breath down a little bit, notice what it feels like to connect with your body in this sense.

[02:08] We tend to walk through our day to day with lots of thoughts about the body, lots of judgments around the body, what the body should be, what it shouldn't be. So, noticing in this moment what it feels like to make this connection with the body just the way it is right now. So, meditation is all about making our way to the present moment and allowing this present moment to unfold the way it already is.

[02:39] So what would it be like for you to put any judgements you have about your body, any concerns, any negativity, any thoughts about the body you're in - what would it be like to just put all of that aside? And instead simply allowing your body have this presence in this world, allowing yourself to take up the space and allowing yourself to be deeply present with your body the way it is right now. What would it be like to not judge the body, but simply allow it? Feeling what it's like to be right here. Some of us spend a lot of energy in our days resisting the body, trying to change the body. So just for a few moments right here, see if there's something that you're holding onto within the body that you can just let go. Maybe something you can put down, perhaps some tension accumulated somewhere in the body, the shoulders, the belly, the legs. Letting everything soften. Feeling the presence of your body as a whole. Everything connected and resting in that a little bit.

[04:12] There is a beautiful moment of relief that comes along with allowing the body to just be. So, experiencing this moment through this body, along with this body. Knowing you're able to sit here, breathing this breath, listening to the sound of my voice, feeling everything you're feeling in this moment, thanks to this body that you were blessed with in this life. And as you go a little bit deeper into this breath, exploring the sensations of everything that's happening within you in this moment. Simply accepting the body for what it is right now. Let your next breath be drawn all the way through the nostrils, down past the full expansion of the lungs and all the way down through the feet toward the earth. So breathing as one whole being and exhaling that same way from the earth through the body and out through the nose once again. Continuing to breath like that as you one more time, increase that connection between the palms of your hands to which ever body part is closest. Almost like you're greeting yourself. And through the palms of your hands, feeling the heat of your body beneath you. The presence, the warm and inviting a little bit of gratitude for your ability to be here, experiencing all of this right now.

[06:15] You can tell your body in this moment: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Let's take one more full breath. Open the mouth, ahhhh. Blink the eyes open. Thank you for practicing with me today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

[End of Episode]