A Meditation to Connect to the Whole favorite_border

Yoga Girl Daily - July 29th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Wellbeing Wednesday, Meditation

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About the Episode

Today’s meditation will allow you to connect to all parts of your body.

As your awareness draws throughout your being, you will notice the beautiful connectedness of yourself - and your connection to this earth.

It is in these moments that you sense your true purpose. Tune in to feel it.


[00:44] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Wednesday and welcome to our meditation practice of the week. Now is a perfect time to anchor into our bodies for a moment. So, wherever you are right now, see if you can put any and all distractions aside to take a couple of breaths with me right now. So, let's find a comfortable seat. You can right away, close the eyes and give yourself a moment just to check in with the body. So right away, notice if there's anything you want to shift or change or alter, just to bring yourself to a place of more comfort right now. So perhaps just stretching your head a little side to side, rolling the shoulders down the back. And if you're sitting in a chair or in a seat somewhere, uncrossing the legs and physically grounding the soles of both feet to the earth right now, and then take a moment just to bring all of your awareness to the souls of your feet, sensing the connection that you have with the ground beneath you in this moment, notice where in the feet you naturally have more or less connection to the ground. Where are you sensing more weight right now? And see if there's a way for you to root down through the soles of the feet a little bit more just to increase that connection of grounding here now. And then from there from the soles of the feet, that feeling of all 10 of your toes pressing downs and mother earth, bring your awareness little by little, all the way up the body.

[02:37] So from the soles of the feet begin to move up, your ankles, your shins, your calves, past the knees, up the thighs, and then taking a moment to linger here, feeling the connection between your seat and the ground beneath you. Whether you're sitting on a chair or a couch, or on the floor, just really notice that connection that you have to earth right now. What a beautiful thing to be able to surrender our entire body weight to the earth. And take a moment here just to feel yourself held here for a moment. And then from there, bring your awareness higher up the body. So, past the hips, noticing the belly, the lower back, all the way up the torso, past the heart. You can take a moment for your awareness to linger right around your heart center and feeling into that space for a moment, listening attentively for anything your heart might be telling you right now, or any emotions lingering at the surface. And from your heart space, you can move your awareness up the shoulders and then out into the left and the right arm.

[04:03] Finally reaching your awareness to the palms of your hands and take a moment right here. Just with your focus, with your presence, your awareness centered around the palms of your hands. You might even be able to feel a bit of tingling, maybe a little bit of warmth as your presence goes to this space. We’re very sensitive right around the hands. It's how we reach out and connect with the world. And then from the palms of your hands and your fingertips, move your awareness up the arms again, reaching the shoulders and now up the neck, the throat, all the way to the face, your skull, and eventually let your awareness reach the center point of the crown of the head, and see if you can sit up a little taller right there. And now sensing your entire body connected as one, one whole being. Let's take the deepest breath we've taken all day long. So, inhale, fill the body up. Fresh breath, fresh new energy, big, big, big inhale. Open the mouth and anything you want to surrender, let it go with the exhale. Feel free to stay here exactly the way you are, just remaining present within the body right now. Being total in your awareness within the body right now, staying here, just focusing on the breath, breathing for a little while longer. Thank you so much for practicing with me today. I'm wishing you a beautifully grounded rest of the day ahead. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

[End of Episode]