A Meditation to Come Back to Peace favorite_border

Yoga Girl Daily - May 27th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Meditation, Wellbeing Wednesday

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About the Episode

At any moment in time, you have the ability to close your eyes and connect to a force that is always moving within you: your breath.

As you meditate today, notice what happens within the body - maybe you sense a softening, maybe you feel warmth, or maybe something shifts into place.

Our presence in the body, and in the here and now, is a healing place to be.

Tune in to connect with your breath and find a moment of peace.


[00:49] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy hump day and welcome to our Wellbeing Wednesday episode of the week. Let's not waste any time, let's dive right into our meditation practice today. So, finding a comfortable space to snuggle up right now. I'm sitting in a big semi-reclined armchair, so know that to meditate, you don't have to sit in this super long spine on a yoga mat, on the meditation cushion. You can literally do this at any time, any space, just relaxing into your own body the way you are right now. Let's close the eyes. Let's take a deep full breath in. Take a moment to pause, hold the breath at the top and then open the mouth and gently let it out. Let's do that two more times. Big breath in through the nose, holding the breath at the top for a moment and then open the mouth and release. One more time. Inhale, pause at the top of the breath and give yourself a little more space to linger here and then loud and clear, open the mouth and let it go.

[02:31] And then sinking a little bit deeper into your own space. Just arriving fully to this moment here now, and we can keep our awareness right here with the breath, but just allow the inhales and exhales to flow through the nose. Staying very connected to just that giving and receiving of energy that happens within the body all day, all night long.

[03:00] Every moment of the day we're breathing, and the breath is a beautiful doorway into this present moment. So being able to at any time just close our eyes and follow the flow of the breath, that's a beautiful way to ground and take a moment to connect. And see how that works for you right now. If you're just able to keep your awareness on the breath in and the breath out, breath in and breath out. Noticing the subtle changes that play out in the body with every cycle of breath. Noticing what happens within the body as you stay very aware with the inhales and exhales. Perhaps there's a moment of softening that happens here. Maybe the shoulders drop a little bit. Sometimes when we get very present with the breath after a little while, we can sense a bit of warmth in the body, just our presence in the body. It's a very healing, healing place to be showing up here, now in your totality.

[04:25] So noticing any warmth, any tingling sensation in the body or perhaps just the feeling of something falling into place. Regardless of what's playing out in your life situation, know that your life is right here. We have this beautiful ability to put everything else aside and just make our way back home to the body, back home to the breath, where regardless of what's going on around us, we can access a place of peace. And whatever you are experiencing now, know that beneath it lies this undercurrent of peace, of calm, of quiet enveloping you every moment of every day. So just sinking a little bit deeper into that place right now, following the breath, staying right here right now. And then letting your next breath in grow just a little bit deeper. And same with the breath out. Can place your hands to your heart center for a moment and just extend some gratitude to your ability to find your way back to presence, back to the body, back to the breath, and know that you can return to this place at any time of day. It's available to you all the time, all the time. And as you blink your eyes open, thank you so much for joining me for this practice today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back with some gratitude tomorrow.

[End of Episode]