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Yoga Girl Daily - June 24th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Wellbeing Wednesday, Meditation

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About the Episode

After a day of taking in so much information from the external world, our meditation practice is a way for us to bring our awareness back within - back to our inner voice.

Sometimes when we listen within, we realize that our outer world is not balanced. Maybe there is one area where you are giving more than you are receiving, or maybe there is another area where your output is greater than your input.

Tune in to come back to the breath. Your breath is a representation of what is happening in your life, and it holds all the answers.


[00:39] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Wednesday, and welcome to our meditation practice of this week. It's hump day today, so a perfect day to sit down and make sure we anchor into the body, into the breath. Let's go ahead and make sure we're comfortable right now. So, if you like, wherever you are, just close your eyes and let's do a little scan through the body just in this moment, the way you are and check in with how you're feeling right now. And see if there's anything that maybe you want to shift or change that would allow you to center into a place of more comfort. So, perhaps letting the shoulders drop, softening the jaw, your face, and if it feels good to uncross your legs and root the soles of the feet down toward Mother Earth. And the moment you get here, and the moment you feel just a level of presence here in the body, let's go ahead and take a deep breath in through the nose. Open the mouth and exhale it out.

[02:02] And remaining with your awareness within you. We're spending so much time in our day taking in information from the outside. I think especially now, at this time, the state of the world, we are constantly absorbing information from left and right. So, it's good to give ourselves that dedicated space to really center our awareness within so that we can also listen to that inner voice that speaks to us from the center of our own being. And this voice requires silence, right? It requires a steady place of calm. So, centering your awareness now around the breath. You can allow the inhales and exhales as they move through the nose to just take up a little more space. Letting your next breath in grow a little bit deeper, and letting your next breath out become a little bit fuller. And then noticing the rhythm of the breath as it comes and goes through the body. Noticing the balance that you have, or the balance that maybe you long for, between the invitation of the breath to enter and between the breath exiting and leaving the body. It's that moment of giving and that moment of receiving. Knowing the breath is automatic. It happens all day, but it's also intentional. It's also voluntary. It's also something you can choose to really ground into.

[03:48] And perhaps in this moment, your breath is a representation of what's playing out in your life. Is it easy for you to receive? Is it easy for you to give, are you able to anchor into a place of giving freely and receiving freely?

[04:12] Are you balancing those two energies well, or perhaps is there one area of your life that has more output than input right now, or the other way around? And without judging any of that, just notice, notice how the breath in this moment is a reflection of what's moving inside of you. So, if you found yourself encountering some stress today, maybe you were able to notice that inside of your breath, perhaps your breath is a little bit shorter, maybe a little bit more tense, or if you're feeling very calm and grounded in this day, perhaps you're noticing that grounding quality also present in the breath. And the beautiful thing about the sensitivity of our breath in this moment and in every moment is we can use the breath as a tool to invite more of that energy that we're looking for into our bodies. So, if right now you're looking to slow down, then make that conscious choice to slow down the breath. Look for that grounding quality and invite it in through the inhale. Connect to that centered, steady place inside of you. And anything that isn't serving you in this moment, release it and let it go with your next breath out. And then continue that cycle. Breathing in to make space for what you need and breathing out to let go of what you don't. Feel free to linger this very simple, but very profound practice of being present with your breath, of balancing the breath, of grounding through the breath. Just as long as you would like you can stay right here with your eyes closed, just breathing.

[06:16] Thank you so much for joining me for this practice today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

[End of Episode]