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Yoga Girl Daily - October 14th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Wellbeing Wednesday, Meditation

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About the Episode

What is true for you? Tune in today to notice what shows up when you ask yourself this question on a body, mind and heart level.

Whatever is ringing as truth, allow it. Don’t judge it, or think of how it should be, or ask whether it is right, or jump to change it.

Oftentimes, it is only our expectations that cause tension in our lives. When we accept what really is, we are accepting our true selves.

Today’s meditation will allow you to listen to your own needs before anything else.


[01:01] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Wednesday, and welcome to our meditation practice of this week. I genuinely hope you're feeling really good right now, that you've had a good day, and just knowing that even if you're not, right now is a great moment to anchor into your meditation practice. Sometimes it's actually what brings us to our practice, right? It's that we're having a hard time. We're having a hard day and we know that meditation can help ease or calm our mind and help center ourselves a little bit. And on other days it's easier to come to this practice when we are feeling really good. So, what really matters is the consistency of the practice, not just in what kind of meditation you're practicing right now, but in the consistency of you showing up for yourself, you getting present with yourself and you listening to your own needs every single day, no matter what that day has brought you.

[02:05] So, with that said, let's find a comfortable seat. Wherever you are in this moment, just relaxing into your chair, closing the eyes, softening the shoulders. Let's take a cleansing breath. And when we do this, I want you to imagine anything that you've been holding on to today. Anything that you've been carrying that feels like it's holding you back or weighing you down or anything you would like to release from your system. Really envisioning the power of the exhale that's about to come your way as if you could truly, truly with that breath out, release everything that isn't serving you, and then feeling that release, even if it's for just a moment. So, when you're ready taking a huge breath in through the nose. At the top of that breath, pause, hold the breath in. And then whatever you would like to release right now, open the mouth and exhale that out.

[03:16] And as you bring the breath back in through the nose, give yourself a moment just to notice what that feels like. What is it like to be here in your body right now? What is it like for you to breathe this breath? What is it like for you to sit in the seat? And without judgment, without a whole lot of expectation or this idea of what this life is supposed to be for you right now, oftentimes it's our expectation of what should be that trips us up the most. So, putting all of that aside, this idea of what is or isn't right, or what is or isn't fair, or what is or isn't good, and just noticing what actually is. So, what is true for you? Physically, what's true for you in this moment in your body? What can you sense as truth unfolding in the body right now?

[04:20] And perhaps you're sensing a beautiful feeling of ease or lightness. Maybe there's a lot of energy in the body right now. Perhaps you feel heavy, maybe you're tired, perhaps there's pain or tightness, or soreness somewhere. Just notice, no judgment, no expectation. Just notice what is true in your body. And then take a deeper and do the same thing for your mind. What is true about your state of mind right now? Not what is right, not what is wrong, not what is bad or good, but just what is true? What's the quality of thoughts that are passing through your mind in this moment? What's the intensity of these thoughts or judgments or worries or whatever is there, just notice. What is true about your state of mind right now? And then take a deep breath in and out, and then shifting that all the way to the center of your own heart.

[05:36] So, in your heart space, emotionally in this moment, what is true for you? What is the reality of what is moving inside of your heart? And not, does it feel good or does it make me feel bad, and not it's something I should feel, or it would be better if I felt something different, but just acknowledging what is actually present. And that means if the thing you're feeling right now is hard, if it's challenging, if it makes you feel icky or like you want almost crawl out of your own skin, if that's true and that's what is, take a breath and see if you can soften into that place for just a moment. And if what you're feeling is gratitude or excitement or joy or love or compassion, and if that is true in this moment, do the same thing, take a breath and lean into that feeling just a little bit.

[06:52] So, allowing our practice today really be about allowing what already is without rushing to try to change it or fix it or improve it. Just letting yourself be the real true you. Now, of course, that might change in five minutes, an hour, tomorrow, next week, the reality of what's moving inside of you is ever changing and that is the beauty of being alive. And our practice is to lean in and experience and witness and allow everything that comes our way within. And sometimes just by leaning into that hard feeling, by allowing and acknowledging that hard feeling, we feel empowered to change something in our day to day lives. So, actually allowing for that inner state to just be the way it is without resisting ourselves can lead to a great deal of change all around us. Whatever's moving through your body, through your mind and through your heart right now, let's take another long breath in, open the mouth and let it go. We can blink our eyes back open. Now, go ahead and give yourself a big warm hug. Just wrap your arms around yourself, turn the corners of the mouth up into a smile and really love on yourself for a moment. Hey, if you're listening right now, you're doing a good job. That's true too. Thank you so much for practicing with me today. I'll be back tomorrow.

[End of Episode]