What Life Lesson Are You Learning Right Now?

Conversations from the Heart - February 28th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Growth, Motherhood, Healing

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About the Episode

In this moment - right here, right now - you are on the cusp of a major epiphany.

The struggles you are moving through today are teaching you something hugely important, the way every lesson hides a blessing.

What if you could get so present with your inner world that you could find nuggets of gold in every challenge you come across, no matter how mundane? What if the path to freedom isn’t found in some holy place far away, but available to us through the vulnerability of being human?

In this week’s episode, Rachel contemplates boundaries, parenthood and the challenge of having a toddler go from total peace to total chaos, as well as te idea of “spirituality” and how to use day-to-day challenges to evolve and grow.

It is the most painful lessons that lead us to our big life purposes. Maybe the way to spirituality is not through bypassing our humanity – it’s through connecting with it on every level.

Key Takeaways

  • If you don’t process heavy emotions you will be much more likely to numb yourself as a way to escape. Yell into a pillow, talk to a therapist, or do a Dynamic Meditation - process, any way you can!
  • The way to spirituality is through what make us human. It’s through embracing our fragile, human embodiment that we find our way to the spiritual path, not by avoiding it.
  • Painful experiences expand our capacity to grow, to feel, and most importantly: it increases our ability to hold future pain, too.
  • Draw strong boundaries and say no when you need to. Take care of yourself first.
  • What life lesson are you learning right now? Can you take some time to journal on it, and deepen your understanding of the struggles you are moving through right now?

Interactive Exercise

After listening to this episode, grab your journal and a pen and fill up a couple pages by responding to the following journaling prompts...

"A life lesson I am learning right now is..."

"A boundary I want to set right now is..."

It will help you solidify whatever is going on in your life right now. Let's continue learning, together.