What If You Are Feeling Lost For a Reason?

Conversations from the Heart - October 2nd 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Growth, Healing, Self-Love, Friendship, Love, Family

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About the Episode

Are you wondering what exactly you are here to do and what the actual F is going on in the world? Congratulations! You are not alone; we are in this together.

We are ALL feeling lost and wondering the same things as the global pandemic plays on.

What we can do is anchor into our day to day rituals and practices that make us feel good. Instead of overthinking the past or feeling anxious about the unknown future, we can spend our energy and our time doing something that makes us feel really GOOD, like an absolute 10 out of 10.

In this week’s episode, Rachel expresses the importance of anchoring into day to day rituals, relationships, people, places, and experiences that charge you up, and make you feel really good.

By identifying behaviors in your day to day life that you would like to let go of and taking steps to implement habits that will fill your soul, you are taking your power back, and creating 10/10 experiences for yourself every single day.

This episode will inspire you to sit with the light of the Aries full moon to use the illuminating intuition and courage to get really clear on where you spend your energy, what changes you can make to improve your daily habits, and what you can release from your life. In order to make space for the things you DO want in your life, where can you let something fall away that doesn’t contribute to your highest potential?

Key Takeaways

  • Take a moment this evening to sit outside under the light of the full moon. Distinguish the people, places and areas of your life that are aren’t serving your highest good. Evaluate what you truly want, and what you are willing to eliminate and walk away from.
  • Identify small changes that can add up to giving yourself the love and care that you need throughout the day. Rather than overwhelm yourself with a big change, start small and create habits and rituals to support you throughout the day, and this will lead to an overall transformation into a more creative, aligned, heart-centered state!
  • Letting go of something doesn’t have to come with a lot of drama. Just simply let it fall away and allow your energy to focus on something more productive and more creative. Redirect your energy into a higher vibrational experience.
  • If you’ve been obsessing about a new habit, goal, project... This is go-time. With the full moon in Aries, it’s all about fire, courage, and taking action. Now is the time to move forward and focus energy on what it is that you want to create!