Parenting with Intuition: How to Do What’s Best for Your Children

Conversations from the Heart - May 6th 2022

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Motherhood, Family

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About the Episode

As parents, we would stop at nothing to do what’s best for our children. But sometimes, what’s best isn’t black and white.

If you’re navigating the difficult world of parenthood, today’s episode will help you intuitively recognize your child’s needs by honoring something that isn’t often given enough credit - your child’s own intuition.

Rachel shares the story of how Lea slowly found her place in Sweden. It hasn’t been an easy transition! Moving from a wonderful, supportive school in Aruba, it has taken some time to adjust to something new. Rachel discusses the anxiety she has felt, the challenges she’s had along the way, and the real reason why they ultimately changed Lea’s school.

Sometimes a small intuitive pull is enough. You don’t need a big sweeping reason why something feels wrong. You can sense it - but more importantly, so can your child.

Key Takeaways

  • Children are naturally intuitive. When they tell you something is wrong, trust them!
  • Children cannot always express their feelings with words - they do it through a change in behavior.
  • You don’t need a clear “reason” to make a drastic change. If something feels off, chances are you are right.
  • Change is hard! By anchoring into routines and rituals that serve you well when life feels steady, you will have an easier time navigating unexpected transitions.