Listen To Your Inner Voice (Not To Assholes)

Conversations from the Heart - September 6th 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Healing, Self-Love

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About the Episode

In this episode, Rachel reflects on the pressures of society and how it affects us creatively.

We are all born with a unique gift; a a way to be purposeful in life that no one else could ever mimic or duplicate. But how we create and how we find that purpose can get distorted by society and outside influence.

Instagram, social media, photo filters and all of society telling us we have to look perfect, be perfect, act perfect makes it so hard to listen to our inner voice and for us to feel good enough the way we already are.

If we fall into the rabbit hole of social media, comparing ourselves to others, and concerning ourselves with what others think, how will we ever be able to tune into the heart and create the life we were meant to have?

Rachel reminds us to tune into the heart, listen to our inner voice, and find ways to get into the creative zone. The universe aligns exactly as it was meant to when we are working from the heart and creating with passion, unattached to the outcome or to what other people think; creating for the love of creation!

This episode will remind you to be authentic, create from the heart, listen to your inner voice and anchor into this most important truth: there is not a single thing about you that you need to change. You’re a badass! Don’t ever forget it.