From Triggers to Trust - Christmas is a Time to Heal

Conversations from the Heart - December 20th 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Healing

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About the Episode

Are you struggling with feeling like you constantly have to do more, perform better, work harder, parent perfectly, care for yourself, cultivate your relationships and maintain your career?

In this episode, Rachel talks about mom guilt, burn out, the inner critic, and the art of slowing down and cutting yourself some slack!

We all have an inner critic - that loud voice in the back of our heads that tells us we aren't good enough. Regardless of our parents best attempts at providing us with a perfect childhood, we all have wounds that create an inner critical voice that haunts us in adulthood. Getting to the root of the inner critic is the work we are all here to do, and as the holidays is often a time spent around family, now is a good time to look within. Finding that childhood wound and becoming aware of our patterns and triggers is the solution to quieting all that inner judgment - and ridding ourselves of self hate.

This episode will remind you that there is no way to get everything perfect, it’s ok to let your kid eat mac and cheese once and a while, and that we can consciously choose how to react to what comes our way. Christmas is a perfect time to start!

The work is in how we choose to respond by holding space for ourselves, choosing love over fear, and letting go of the limiting beliefs that stand in our way.

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