Black Lives Matter

Conversations from the Heart - June 5th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Being of Service, Love, Friendship, Growth, Exciting Guests

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About the Episode

Today’s episode features three guest hosts, Dianne Bondy, Maite Onochie, and Rocky Heron, all guides on the platform and voices from the Black community.

Coming from different global perspectives, they share their views on how they see the world right now - and how the world has seen them.

Offering up their deep wisdom on everything from white supremacy, complacency and allyship, this episode will help you question your own attachments to race, and align your inner values with your outwardly behavior.

Tune in to listen from the heart to voices that need to be heard, now, and always.

Key Takeaways

  • What you see happening in the world today is the result of 400 years of oppression of Black people. It is up to us to create real change today.
  • Racism is a global issue. The same systems are in place around the world that allow for white supremacy, privilege, complacency and ignorance.
  • White people need to look at their own attachments to race and ask themselves how they want to show up in the world. If you don’t know where to begin, Google is your friend! There are tons of resources available on how to be an ally to Black people and the responsibility to educate yourself is yours.
  • Listen to and believe those who are in vulnerable, marginalized positions. Honor their life experiences, empathize with their struggles, and use that as a fire to light you into action.
  • Black lives matter. It is time to stay united and acknowledge the social injustices the Black community has faced for centuries. This is not only an issue of Black and white, but a conflict of all humanity versus racism.

More about Dianne Bondy

Dianne is a Canadian yoga teacher who focuses on inclusivity, diversity and accessibility on and off the mat. She is the author of the book, ‘Yoga for Everyone’ and offers online courses and workshops at She also has two sons, and shares on this show her fears for them, the pushback she receives when she affirms that her life matters - that Black lives matter - and how we can all show up, as spiritual guides and as good human beings.


More about Rocky Heron

Rocky Heron is a musician and yoga teacher. He grew up in California with his mother, and shares his unique view of being a person of color raised in a white culture and how that forged his identity and allowed him to see multiple perspectives. With a passion to always continue learning, Rocky expresses the need for Americans to educate themselves on the history of their country, and demand more from leadership. You can find Rocky on Instagram at @rockyheron.


More about Maite Onochie

Maite was born in Nigeria, grew up in Spain, and is now living in Costa Rica. She has a background in social anthropology and a specialization in international development which led her to work for different organizations around the world, including the United Nations. She is now about to birth her first daughter, and shares in this show the world she envisions her daughter growing up in - a world where she can be her authentic self, feel safe in her own skin, and see no limitations to her dreams. Maite speaks on growing up in a predominantly white society where she was left not feeling represented, beautiful or enough. To continue the conversation with Maite and learn about her current work as a yoga teacher and doula, follow her on Instagram at @maite_yoga.