A Meditation for Self Acceptance

Conversations from the Heart - September 20th 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Self-Love, Meditation

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About the Episode

In this episode, Rachel leads you through a guided meditation focusing on the breath.

For this episode, find a quiet place to sit where you can close your eyes and bring your awareness inward. This practice will help you use your breath to create space in the body, let go of anything not serving you and release tension.

Use this guided meditation to help you focus the mind, breathe into the present moment, and let go.

We have the ability to set a positive cycle in motion! The mind is very powerful, and by taking the time to drop into stillness, we can change the cycle of the thought process from negative to positive.

Allow yourself to invite a sense of ease through the breath, a sense of grounding, and open up to a creative flow. Invite the things that you want and need into your life.

This episode will help you ease into a sense of self-acceptance and leave you with a feeling of deep peace.

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