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Celebrate Nature, Try Grounding!

When is the last time you walked barefoot on the earth? Between wearing shoes, living in a house, and maybe even thinking of the ground as “dirty” and avoiding it at all costs, there’s a good chance it’s been a while since you truly got in touch with the earth as humans have always been meant to do.

Kimberly Snyder- Monday, 12:36 pm

3 Ways Practicing Gratitude Will Transform Your Life

You may already know this intuitively, but there are numerous studies showing that practicing gratitude benefits us personally, emotionally, and socially. Gratitude works! It can improve our heath, enhance our sleep, and even benefit our careers. The key appears to be in expressing gratitude for people, relationships, and how they touch your life- as opposed to physical/material things per se.

Kimberly Snyder- Monday, 7:24 pm

3 Summertime Beauty Tips!

This is the month that officially launches summer, with Summer Solstice. It’s a light-filled time of the year where our hearts and bodies feel expansive and free.

Kimberly Snyder- Monday, 12:38 pm

6 Simple Ways to Maximize Your Beach Day for Health and Beauty

One of the most joyous, simple, and healing-on-all-levels-of your-being activities of summer is beach days. Often the simplest things in life can bring us the greatest health benefits.

Kimberly Snyder- Monday, 6:18 pm

Do You Have This Food Fear?

Today, I’m going to address a topic that can be a big source of fear and barrier to progress for many of you. It’s happened to me, and if you’ve ever made dramatic changes to your diet (and consequently, to your appearance) — chances are you’ve experienced this, too.

Kimberly Snyder- Thursday, 4:17 pm