Larissa Ranft

My name is Larissa Ranft. I studied Cultural & Social Anthropology, and during a volunteer work for women's empowerment in India, I was deeply touched and fascinated by its vibrant culture, manifold and living traditions. Consequently, from a scientific point of view, Yoga made its way early into my life. But it took me another two years until I found myself on a mat in Nicaragua in the middle of a Yoga class, and for the first time – since what felt like ever – experienced a deep sense of security, peace, and healing within me. Since then, I haven’t stopped practicing.

I completed a one year teacher training in 2017/18 in Hatha Yoga and Basic Ashtanga Yoga, and started teaching in the same studio and in a pain clinic. At the end of the year, I returned once more to India – this time with an aspiration to dive deeper into teachings of Yoga philosophy and to complete further training in traditional Himalayan Hatha Yoga.

During university and after I finished, I have worked in the social field (mostly with trauma survivors of sexual abuse and people with mental illnesses). Since 2016, I am continuously studying to become a Gestalt therapist. Therefore, my greatest interest now is to unite the science, bodywork, and philosophy of Yoga with a therapeutic approach in order to work with trauma survivors and people who seek healing. I still consider myself as a student and at the same time there is so much I have to offer already. So, I will continue on my path and I trust the process of life and its unfolding.

I am currently living and teaching Yoga in Heidelberg, Germany, at Ganesha Yoga Lounge ( Find more about me @mariposa.delsol

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I am a Yoga Girl

I Am A Yoga Girl - Larissa Ranft

I am… a Yoga Girl. And being brave enough to shout this out in public feels so damn good. For a long time, I have been confused with identifications of “who or what I am“. Being identified as a woman, as a daughter, a sister, a friend, a partner. I‘m identified with my profession, my age, my lifestyle, my looks, my opinions, and so much more.

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