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Lara Heimann - Internal Spanx

Designed to target your deep abdominal and gluteal muscles through core and bandha work, you will feel more connected and streamlined through your practice.

Lara Heimann- Monday, 3:44 pm

Lara Heimann - Rejoice and Be Content

Tap into your roots, discover the strength of your core, and expand from within! This class will leave you feeling expansive and joyful in just 30-minutes!

Lara Heimann- Thursday, 8:19 pm

Why We Need To Be Strong (And Throw Some Arrows)

Weakness and frailty make consistent appearances in my thoughts and reality. On a personal front, my 77 year old father is literally running out of air as emphysema closes down his lung function. Globally, our world faces tremendous challenges in all realms, especially political and environmental.

Lara Heimann- Monday, 3:30 pm

Wearing My Own Mala Beads

A mantra bead is often used as a meditative tool but it also can serve as a reminder or a singular symbol of memory.

Lara Heimann- Monday, 4:52 am

Rebirth: A Revival, Renaissance, Reincarnation or Regeneration

It is Tuesday. I am lying in the bed where I slept as a teenager, reflecting over the last few days. My dad went to the hospital Thursday night. My mom is in Africa.

Lara Heimann- Thursday, 1:37 pm

The Pause In Between

Smart people always get my attention, especially a genius as gifted as Albert Einstein. His words were as magical as his mathematics were miraculous. He wrote, ” He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed.“

Lara Heimann- Thursday, 7:16 pm

Here I am, World! And Other Benefits of Good Posture

Mama always said, “Stand up straight!” But why did she care so much if you slouched?

Lara Heimann- Monday, 10:35 pm

Move A Little Because It All Adds Up

Let’s face it: not everyone has the time or energy to devote to hours at the gym or yoga studio. But that’s no reason not to try! All or nothing is not everything. Doing a little something, working a little harder, being a little healthier, is better than nothing at all.

Lara Heimann- Monday, 6:03 pm

How To H.E.A.L. A Soft Tissue Injury

Most people have or will experience some type of soft tissue injury – an insult to the muscle, tendon or ligament structures of the body. The ubiquitous ankle sprain seems, on the surface, less severe than a broken ankle, but in many ways, the sprain can end up being a much larger problem.

Lara Heimann- Monday, 5:06 pm


A few nights ago, I awoke at 2am and my mind started churning with ideas, with worry, with life’s big questions. Evaluating my performance as a mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, studio owner, and traveling yoga instructor, I began to feel like a failure.

Lara Heimann- Tuesday, 10:46 pm

Low Back Pain? Read this Expert Advice for a Happy Spine in 3 Easy Steps

Give Your Lumbar Spine Love! If all you ever do is stretch, you're only gaining half the benefits of a yoga pose. Try reeling in the depth of your poses and moving dynamically. Your back will thank you!

Lara Heimann- Wednesday, 7:12 pm

Are You Attached to Pain? Here's the Secret to Move from Pain to Pleasure

We get attached to talking about our pain. We don't think we're holding onto it, but pushing away is just another way of hanging on. Here's how to finally let it go.

Lara Heimann- Wednesday, 6:10 pm