Shama Persson

Welcome! I’m Shama and apart from being Rachel’s mom, I’m a passionate innovator and I love challenges. I’ve been working with innovations and product development for almost two decades as a serial entreprenor. I have my background and education in IT and marketing but the years of running my own businesses with import and export probably tought me much more. Being a part of Yoga Girl®, to work with my daughter in growing this company and movement is a challenge and an opportunity. I feel that age and years of experience is coming together in a beautiful way in the role I have here and my wish is to be of as much service as I can. I have a growing interest in the manufacturing process and want to find better ways to create and develop with more concern taken in every aspects. I am eager to learn what I don’t already know and to keep growing to become the best version of me possible. My greatest joy is to spend as much time as I possibly can together with my children and Lea Luna. I practiced yoga for the first time in Costa Rica 2008 and have been a slow adopter. Today yoga is part of my daily practice at home and when in Aruba you will meet me at Island Yoga most days!

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Aim'n Sportswear

Sponsor partner of Yoga Girl® Foundation and yoga pants for all our 2019 programs

Shama Persson- Wednesday, 4:49 pm0


Our first Studio Partner in Oslo, Norway!

Shama Persson- Friday, 11:23 am0

Green Gaia Essentials

Sponsor partner of Yoga Girl® Foundation and lip balms and yoga mat sprays for all our 2019 programs

Shama Persson- Wednesday, 10:31 am0

Lighthouse Yoga

Our 2nd studio partner in Omaha, Nebraska!

Shama Persson- Wednesday, 11:46 am0

Sustainable T-Shirts!

Why create another t-shirt when the world is already full of them? Is there a way to increase sustainability, better paying jobs and community through a t-shirt? Learn about our ethical and compassionate Yoga Girl® tee!

Shama Persson- Sunday, 5:25 pm0

Peaceful Monkey

We welcome the Peaceful Monkey as our first Studio Partner in Ohio!

Shama Persson- Friday, 8:56 am0

Our #businessforchange model

The question is not what you can gain, the question is what you can give!

Shama Persson- Tuesday, 2:19 pm0

DIFF eyewear

Sponsor partner of Yoga Girl® Foundation and sun glasses for all our 2019 programs

Shama Persson- Tuesday, 12:34 am0

Creating Abundance to do More Good- Yoga Girl® Brand and Foundation

We are co-creating abundance NOW. We see money as an energetic exchange which opens possibilities. That’s why we for every dollar the Yoga Girl® brand earns, the Yoga Girl® Foundation is nourished so it can help those less fortunate.

Shama Persson- Friday, 4:44 pm0

Village Yoga

Welcome Village Yoga, as our new partner located in Georgia, USA. We are so happy and proud to have you with us.

Shama Persson- Monday, 4:46 pm0

Rock & Raw Jewellery

"We believe in co-creation, in collaboration to raise the vibration of the planet."

Shama Persson- Monday, 4:51 pm0


Sponsor partner of Yoga Girl® Foundation and yoga journals for all our 2019 programs

Shama Persson- Wednesday, 11:33 am0

La Yoga

We welcome La Yoga as our first Studio Partner in Australia!

Shama Persson- Thursday, 9:12 am0
Yoga Girl® Foundation

Helping the Children of Aruba

The first project for the Yoga Girl® Foundation has the right focus, children in need of our support!

Shama Persson- Friday, 12:03 pm0