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Text Neck

Text neck is a thing and you better do something about it. NOW!

Lara Heimann- Monday, 6:21 pm

Move Differently to Help Your Yoga and Sports

Yoga, like other athletics, can actually be fairly imbalanced for the body. Like running, classical vinyasa is very leg-heavy, with much less demand placed on the upper extremities. The movement patterns tend to be practiced along a sagittal plane, which essentially cuts the body in half, separating the entire left side from the right side. Also like running, this does not provide enough variety on the muscular demand.

Lara Heimann- Monday, 9:33 pm

Self-Love: What Happens When We Don't Give Ourselves Enough?

How important is self love? I think it is EVERYTHING. Something that should be so easy can be tremendously difficult for people. Why is that? How can we offer ourselves more love?

Lara Heimann- Thursday, 8:52 pm