Coral Brown

Coral Brown is a licensed mental health counselor and draws on her extensive experience in yoga, philosophy, and holistic counseling to provide a nourishing, open space for the processes of healing and transformation. Her integrative yet lighthearted approach invites students to unite mind, body, and spirit to transcend physical asana and create space for a conscious evolution that aligns with their own natural rhythms. Coral is a senior teacher of Prana Vinyasa Flow, the director of 200 and 500 hour teacher training programs, and the founder of Turnagain Wellness, a holistic healing collaborative. In addition to leading retreats and workshops worldwide, Coral is a regular contributor to Yoga Journal and is the creator of Live Your Yoga and the Strong Core program featured on DVD.

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I Am Safe, Loved, Seen, Powerful, Loving, and Heard

Turning Fear into Faith has become a steady practice for me since I became pregnant with my son. I don’t mean a religious kind of faith, but rather a faith in myself….and the universe.

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Can you practice three days of non-violence? Sounds relatively easy, right? But, when we look more closely, we may realize there are countless ways that we cause ourselves and others harm on a daily basis.

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I am a Yoga Girl

I Am A Yoga Girl - Coral Brown

Yoga gave me back my tribe. I was partially raised in Bird Creek, Alaska. My parents and a few other couples founded this community in the late 1960’s. We lived off the land and without running water, indoor plumbing or electricity. Alaska is beautiful, bountiful and harsh. We relied on each other’s skills and support to create an inclusive, thriving, nurturing environment. We were referred to as the ‘Bird Creek Tribe’.

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