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Life is Messy and Magical

Life is messy and magical. People are messy and magical. Let it all be messy and magical. Sometimes we can get so caught up in presenting ourselves in this life.

Stephanie Birch- Tuesday, 5:35 pm

Feel It All

One of the hardest classes I taught was a class I themed around “joy” this time last year. I came into the studio at 5 am to turn on the heat, set up the music, and get into my body so I was ready for the early morning risers at 5:45 am.

Stephanie Birch- Thursday, 7:50 pm

Curing The Instant Gratification Hangover — Committing to Less and Being More

I find myself moving away from instant reflexes. Meaning, instantly responding to phone calls, messages, texts, and anything that grips or pulls me into an immediate response. It’s been 2.5 years since I’ve turned all notifications off on my phone.

Stephanie Birch- Thursday, 5:53 pm