Mathilda Sundström

My name is Mathilda Sundström, I am 28 years old and I live in my hometown of Borlänge in Sweden. I grew up in the shadows of my mother's mental illness. My life-road has not been straight. I have had to fight for every single thing that I have achieved. Yes, I have been through a lot, but that has taught me to try and see the light in life. Everything happens for a reason, it`s your job to find out what you can learn from the hard times in your life. Because trust me, there is always a lesson in everything, the trick is to find it. I found yoga in my tiny dorm room while studying criminology at university and since then I have evolved my practice and incorporated it more and more in my day to day life. My yoga practice helps me to find the light inside of me so that I slowly, breath for breath, asana for asana, can heal myself.

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I am a Yoga Girl

I Am A Yoga Girl - Mathilda Sundström

I am a yoga girl because I breathe. Every single day I take more breaths then I can count. Every day I chose to live. I have had many chances to stop. Just give up and stop breathing, but I always chose to keep moving forward, to keep breathing.

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