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How To Bring Yourself Back To Life

What if you could close your eyes and everything would get really quiet, but not the scary quiet like the middle of the night

Jen Pastiloff- Thursday, 6:44 pm

Jen Pastiloff - Be A Human Thank You

This 60 minute class with guide Jen Pastiloff will help you swap worry for intention and positive self-talk both in the yoga class and in life

Jen Pastiloff- Thursday, 8:26 pm

The Myth of “I Am Not Doing Enough” - How We Underestimate Ourselves and How to Turn it Around

Why do others see us so differently than we see ourselves? I know that I make a difference, in some small ways at least,

Jen Pastiloff- Wednesday, 7:39 pm

Have You Ever Felt Like A Fraud? - Here’s to Being Human and Imperfect and Enough

I lead workshops around the world encouraging people to get honest, vulnerable, loud. (Why, especially as women, are we so afraid to be loud or take up space?) In my workshops, I often ask: How many of you feel like a fraud? Almost the whole room raises their hands, usually.

Jen Pastiloff- Sunday, 4:30 pm

Why I love working with women. A prayer.

I’m away for the weekend leading a retreat. It’s all women. My favorite. I’m laying here in the dark next to my son. I don’t have my hearing aids in so I can’t hear a thing except my tinnitus. The shushing in my head never ceases. The ringing. It’s water rushing, it’s a never ending reminder of something I’ll never remember, an inchoate ear that got stuck, perhaps as it was forming.

Jen Pastiloff- Wednesday, 5:08 pm

Where Can You Let It Be? Learning to Not Work So Hard and What We Gain in the Process

I sleep a lot. It’s always made me feel ashamed, how much I like to sleep. How much I need sleep. Busy people, successful people (at least the ones I know) do not take marathon naps like I do.

Jen Pastiloff- Wednesday, 7:48 pm

How To Be Free

“Follow” no one out of obligation. I mean on social media – or, in real life.

Jen Pastiloff- Thursday, 5:04 pm

I am a Yoga Girl Because I am Enough

You know what’s great about getting older? This: I know my worth.

Jen Pastiloff- Wednesday, 10:51 pm

Jen Pastiloff - Taking Things Personally

This is a strong flowy class designed to acknowledge that we take things personally, but may our recovery time get quicker. A beautiful cool-down at the end.

Jen Pastiloff- Monday, 3:45 pm