Amelia Barnes

Amelia is a yoga teacher, retreat facilitator, writer and mother. Her love of yoga began in 2007, when she took her first yoga class as an anxious, insomniac university student. Ever since, deepening her understanding of yoga has been her passion and life’s calling. She teaches Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, and Prenatal yoga, and offers yoga in a way that is therapeutic, creative and accessible to all levels.

Amelia’s life took an unexpected turn in July 2014, when her first-born baby Landon passed away at just 4 days old, due to unexpected complications during his birth. Thrown into an intensity of pain beyond what she’d ever imagined possible, she started sharing her story on social media to help her heal and create something beautiful of Landon’s short life. The first year of this journey is compiled in her book Landon’s Legacy: The Power of a Brief Life. She also hosts Landon’s Legacy Retreat, an annual holistic healing yoga retreat for bereaved moms.

Amelia is from Winnipeg, Canada and in addition to her offerings as a yoga teacher and retreat facilitator, she is also the creator of, a unique line of inspired and custom-designed yoga apparel made in Canada.

Amelia Barnes s articles


Loving Differences

I’m often asked how I navigate relationships with those who don’t understand or agree with my views and life choices. Most of my life I’ve been questioning the status quo and striving to trust and follow my intuition, or my ‘gut’, rather than what is considered ‘normal’ and comfortable within my social context.

Amelia Barnes - Monday, 12:54 pm0

Be Who You Are

“Are you vegan?” is one of the most asked questions I get on social media — so I thought I’d finally dive in and answer. But first, a little bit of history ...

Amelia Barnes - Monday, 1:43 pm0

Enough is Enough

Feeling like I have ENOUGH is an ongoing struggle for me. Which is interesting, because I do have enough. I have a wonderful family, friends, a house, husband, two beautiful babies, and the list goes on and on... But there's a nagging voice in my head that I can't seem to silence – the one that constantly compares my life to others' and says "I wish I had MORE..."

Amelia Barnes - Monday, 6:57 pm0