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Gul PR

Gul PR - Our master of public relations and communication!

Yoga Girl Editor- Thursday, 2:04 pm0

A Crash Course on the Chakras

Imagine a spiraling energetic channel along your spine. This is easy for some, but it’s like unicorn sci-fi for others. Uncomplicate the chakras with this quick, digestible overview.

Yoga Girl Editor- Monday, 4:32 pm0

Planeta Design

Planeta Design - Our brand creator and brand guardian!

Yoga Girl Editor- Thursday, 7:42 am0

Johan Ander

Johan Ander - Our visual creator wizard!

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Rebel & Bird

Rebel & Bird - Our digital growth hero!

Yoga Girl Editor- Thursday, 7:32 am0

Introducing Another Textile Company

Another Textile Company - Our hero in sustainable manufacturing!

Yoga Girl Editor- Wednesday, 9:37 am0

7 Ways to Be Here Now: Yoga Girl® Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness

We’ve made meditation and mindfulness complicated. We created step-by-step regimens to create a perfectly purified atmosphere, and we pay boat loads of money for trainings and retreats to learn how to master it...

Yoga Girl Editor- Thursday, 8:53 pm0
Being of Service

It's Not Until We Change that the World Will Follow

Be the first to enroll in our historic effort to bring self-growth to the world, free, and online forever. Enrollment beings Autumn 2018.

Yoga Girl Editor- Tuesday, 2:39 pm0
Being of Service

Yoga Girl® Foundation

The Yoga Girl® Foundation was founded 2018 in Sweden by Rachel Brathen Schoneveld and Shama Persson.

Yoga Girl Editor- Tuesday, 2:36 pm0

Guide to the 8 Limbs of Yoga: The 8 Steps to Enlightenment

If you’re feeling like you’ve plateaued in your spiritual quest, Patanjali’s eight limbs of yoga could help reset your sails. Enlightenment is your birthright, but you have to walk before you can run.

Yoga Girl Editor- Thursday, 9:00 pm0

Unblock Your Path to Peace: A Guide to the Kleshas

In yogic philosophy, the kleshas are the 5 obstacles that keep us from true contentment. Learn what they are and how to release yourself from their grip.

Yoga Girl Editor- Thursday, 8:54 pm0

To Love and Let Go

Rachel Brathen’s upcoming book, To Love and Let Go, is now available for Pre-Order

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