Amie McNee

My Name is Amie McNee. I am a twenty six year old writer living in Sydney, Australia. I have written several books, all of them sitting on the desks of publishers, waiting to see if they’re wanted. I write about the process of living a creative life, and the ups and downs of being a writer on my instagram @inspiredtowrite. I have my degree in history, majoring in medieval sexuality and pornography and as you can imagine, I have used this degree as the fuel for my fiction, and have written two historical fiction novels on the subject. I aspire to bring together creative people and make sure that all of us, even in the midst of lonely work and rejection have spaces to come together and find love and support.

Amie McNees articles


Taking Care of Your Inner Creative Child

As artists, whether it be a writer, actor, painter, poet, we often refer to our ‘inner child’ as the source of our creative abilities. The part of ourselves that ‘arts’. That compels us to tell stories. As children, we create with unharnessed vigor.

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