Rachel Brathen

Swedish native Rachel Brathen is an international yoga teacher, New York Times best-selling author, mother and serial entrepreneur residing in Aruba. After graduating school in Stockholm she traveled to Costa Rica and it was here that she found the joy of incorporating yoga into her everyday life. Deepening her yoga practice and also taking her first steps towards teaching, she ended up moving to Central America where she spent years exploring the intricate studies of yoga and spirituality. After moving to Aruba early 2010 she started teaching yoga full time on this Caribbean island. Her classes are a dynamic Vinyasa Flow integrating alignment, core work, and breathing techniques with basic poses and creative sequencing. With over three million followers in social media, Brathen shares pieces of her life with the world every day and has inspired thousands of people though events, workshops, retreats and trainings.

In addition to teaching worldwide, Rachel is the founder of www.oneOeight.com; an online platform for yoga, meditation, and healing. As the most successful crowd-funded yoga project of all time, the platform is made up of a vast community of dedicated practitioners from all over the world looking to cultivate balance, create space for inner healing and deepen their yoga practice. With an amazing team of experienced guides and teachers, oneOeight offers heart-centered classes designed to fit the always evolving needs of body, mind and soul.

Rachel Brathens articles

Podcast Transcription: Everyone Can Be A Yoga Girl

Sep 21, 2018 - The wait is finally over. Welcome to Yoga Girl! In this episode, Rachel shares the news she has been wanting to spill forever - we have launched! All the secrets and hints are finally being revealed and this podcast is all about Yoga Girl - the lifestyle, the movement, the brand, and the community. This practice is for us all. We can all look within, we can all change the world. Everyone can be a Yoga Girl.

Rachel Brathen- Friday, 2:09 pm

Podcast Transcription: Holidays, Trauma and the Santa Claus Problem

Dec 21, 2018 - In this episode, Rachel touches on an unexpected parenting issue her and Dennis have come across - Dennis doesn’t want to be Santa for Christmas. Christmas is an especially important time for Rachel and she reflects on her past to figure out why that is. Prior to having her baby girl, Rachel placed so much emphasis on her birthday. Not too long ago, she realized that a happy birthday meant separating from loss and trauma that plagued this celebration before.

Rachel Brathen- Saturday, 6:19 pm

Podcast Transcription: Medical Medium on How To Take Charge of Your Health

May 24, 2019 - In this episode, Rachel is joined by Anthony William, known to the world as Medical Medium. Anthony is a healer, a best selling author and the creator of the famous celery juice movement. Taking everyone, especially women, on a journey towards better health, Rachel and Anthony discuss everything from chronic illnesses and mental health problems, to thyroid issues, fibromyalgia and acne.

Rachel Brathen- Friday, 12:11 pm

Podcast Transcription: Who Do You Need To Forgive? (And Should You Always?)

May 10, 2019 - In this episode, Rachel answers deep and personal questions from her Instagram community - ones that stirred her heart while reading them: How do you forgive someone who really hurt you? Is there a way to know that we’re on the right path in life? How do we continue to practice self-care when we are feeling especially low?

Rachel Brathen- Friday, 12:12 pm

Podcast Transcription: Hard Lessons Learned and The Business of Yoga

Aug 11, 2017 - In this episode Rachel opens up about feeling taken advantage of and how it's a pattern that continuously shows up in her life. She shares a few examples of some very hard lessons she's had to learn in the yoga industry over the years and how even though they helped her grow and learn, she still finds herself too trusting in an industry that's sometimes everything but "zen".

Rachel Brathen- Sunday, 1:48 pm

Drink This Matcha Green Tea Latte for Morning Mindfulness

Some days a hot cup of coffee is LIFE. But it isn’t the healthiest daily ritual for the nervous system! When I want a break from coffee but still need an energy boost, I turn to matcha. Plus, making a latte with this green tea is a beautiful, sacred ceremony of the heart.

Rachel Brathen- Saturday, 6:02 pm0

Podcast Transcription: Anxiety as a Spiritual Practice

July 5, 2019 - In this episode, Rachel is in a pivotal moment of her life. She has been receiving signs from the universe - signs that she is in for BIG CHANGE, both personally and professionally. Change is often not comfortable, but we have to recognize what doesn’t serve us and let it go.

Rachel Brathen- Tuesday, 1:20 am

Podcast Transcription: Just a Mom - Sleep Deprivation and Other Stories

Sept 1, 2017 - In this episode Rachel gets real about her in-the-moment struggles: dealing with some serious sleep deprivation. She talks about her greatest challenges as a mother, being sensitive about comments she's getting on Instagram, feeling overall crappy and the realization that she wants to be more than "just a mom".

Rachel Brathen- Saturday, 1:29 pm

Podcast Transcription: Let Your Inner Wild Woman Roar

Dec 14, 2018 - In this episode, Rachel discusses the disconnect between what resonates with her inner voice versus what society tells her. She wonders what her life would be like if she fully let the wild woman inside of her blossom - not the woman who has been conditioned by society. These thoughts were triggered after Rachel noticed a pattern of how often she tells Luna how beautiful she is.

Rachel Brathen- Sunday, 11:22 am

5 Reasons to Make This Yoga Girl® Kitchen Staple: DIY Sprouts

There’s something magical about growing your own food. If you don’t have the environment for a garden, you can still grow your own greens! I’m always growing one thing in the Yoga Girl® kitchen: sprouts. And I have 5 reasons why.

Rachel Brathen- Saturday, 11:50 am0

Watermelon Mint Cooler—Beat the Heat with this Yoga Girl® Juice Recipe

In case you haven’t heard, not all juices have to be green! One of my favorite Yoga Girl® Kitchen recipes tastes like summer in a glass. It’s hydrating, refreshing and perfectly sweet.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 9:04 pm0

Podcast Transcription: How To Cope With Loss

March 8, 2019 - In this episode, Rachel is approaching a heavy day. Five years ago, she spent Envision Festival with her best friend. She didn’t know it then, but it was the last time she would see her - she past away a few days after.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 6:31 pm

Mindful Snacking

Eating a plant-based diet is the best decision I’ve ever made for my health. I look for healthy items that are also delicious - it’s a necessity to have lots of well-balanced snacks around the house and yoga studio, especially for when those cravings set in!

Rachel Brathen- Monday, 11:35 am0

Podcast Transcription: Are We What We Eat? with Ella Mills

Nov 17, 2017 - In this episode, Rachel is joined by Ella Mills; creator of the insanely popular food blog Deliciously Ella. Ella healed herself from a devastating disease through plant-based food and a healthy lifestyle and has since dedicated her life to inspiring the world through the art of cooking.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 12:29 pm

Podcast Transcription: Family Business (and A Little Bit of Politics)

Dec 15, 2017 - In this episode, Rachel shares the story of how she left her baby for the first time ever to travel to Los Angeles for a photo shoot and how, inevitably, chaos ensued.

Rachel Brathen- Saturday, 12:12 am

Podcast Transcription: The Sleep Episode

Oct 13, 2017 - Sleep is a spiritual practice and without it, we cannot function (there is a reason sleep deprivation is used as a form or torture)! In this episode Rachel shares how she got her baby girl to sleep through the night - almost! After struggling with intense sleep deprivation for two months she decided to take charge and has since read eight books, had two sleep consultations, asked the world for advice through social media and googled her way to things that actually WORK.

Rachel Brathen- Sunday, 1:57 pm

Podcast Transcription: Believe In The Good Things Coming with Nahko Bear

Jan 26, 2018 - In this episode, Rachel is joined by her friend (and favorite musician!) Nahko Bear. Rachel shares the story of how she first connected to Nahko’s music and how it helped her move through the grief of her best friend’s passing and Nahko shares what it’s like to write music that deeply impacts people all over the world.

Rachel Brathen- Friday, 5:47 pm

In Toxic Relationships? 7 Tips for Letting Go with Love

Letting go is a life skill that takes serious work to develop, and it takes compassionate grace to keep love in the center. Even letting go of toxic relationships can - and must - be done with love.

Rachel Brathen- Saturday, 8:02 pm0

Podcast Transcription: Yoga Every Damn Day

May 19, 2017 - In this episode Rachel shares how she found the yoga practice and how she started the movement that is #yogaeverydamnday. She also shares her best tips for starting up or maintaining a daily yoga practice, what yoga is like after having a baby and why suffering from intense back pain in the early stages of her practice turned out to be her biggest blessing.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 12:04 pm

Podcast Transcription: Yoga, Judgment and Lea Luna in The Luna Shala

Nov 2, 2018 - In this episode, Rachel is immersed in leading her third yoga teacher training while Luna is with grandma and Dennis is at an Iron Man race. Rachel reminisces on all the programs she has led since Luna was born, from the ones that were super overwhelming while breastfeeding to the ones that are easier now that Luna is older.

Rachel Brathen- Saturday, 6:56 pm

Podcast Transcription: Female Entrepreneurship and Redefining Success with Sophia Amoruso

April 19, 2019 - In this episode, Rachel is joined by an unbelievably inspiring entrepreneur known for being a leader in business (and named the richest self made woman of all time!); founder of Nasty Gal and GirlBoss - Sophia Amoruso. With these titles and successes behind her, Sophia jumps right in to speaking from the heart by sharing the depressive funk she has been in lately.

Rachel Brathen- Saturday, 1:37 pm

Podcast Transcription: How To Set Boundaries And Never, Ever Betray Yourself with Stephanie Birch

April 5, 2019 - In this episode, Rachel is joined by Stephanie Birch, yoga teacher, writer, photographer, and play-at-home-mom. Stephanie opens up about being an introvert and her relationship with writing. She then dives into a deep sharing on her journey through postpartum depression and finding her way to yoga.

Rachel Brathen- Saturday, 3:22 pm

Podcast Transcription: How to Be a True Ally to Women of Color with Rachel Cargle

Sep 07, 2018 - In this episode, Rachel introduces her community to Rachel Cargle. A writer, speaker, and educator, Rachel Cargle’s work is centered around educating white women on how they can support women of color in genuine ways. Rachel Cargle begins this discussion by sharing how she began this journey of activism and how she didn’t have a choice as a black woman trying to exist in a world not built to support her.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 3:11 pm

Podcast Transcription: The Vaccination Debate and Social Media Regrets

Jun 09, 2017 - In this episode, Rachel shares her own experience with making the decision to vaccinate her baby girl, the backlash she received online when she shared it with the world and how she is navigating this very delicate subject.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 10:46 am

Podcast Transcription: The Vaccination Debate and Social Media Regrets

June 9, 2017 - In this episode Rachel shares her own experience with making the decision to vaccinate her baby girl, the backlash she received online when she shared it with the world and how she is navigating this very delicate subject.

Rachel Brathen- Saturday, 4:49 pm

Podcast Transcription: Self-Love, Fear of Dying, Rose Quartz Spheres and a Crappy Day

Nov 3, 2017 - In this episode Rachel gets real and emotional about her hardships in the midst of a particularly crappy day. She talks about her contrasting struggle with low self esteem and the huge fear she carries around the wellbeing of her daughter while simultaneously feeling content and happy in leading her first teacher training.

Rachel Brathen- Tuesday, 1:12 pm

Podcast Transcription: Be Kind To Yourself

In this episode, Rachel is going through a week of feeling unmotivated and uninspired. We all go through challenging times… while sitting with your struggles can be helpful for learning and evolving, we need know the difference between what is truth and what is our inner critical voice demanding too much of us. The most important thing to do during these harder moments is to pull yourself into the present moment to recognize what you actually need.

Rachel Brathen- Friday, 7:33 pm

Podcast Transcription: Body Positivity and Finding Self-Love in a World of Non-Acceptance

Aug 18, 2017 - How can we find self-love in a society that constantly pushes us toward non-acceptance? In this episode, Rachel talks about body positivity and loving her postpartum body while struggling with that little voice in the back of her mind telling her she isn't good enough. She shares a recent and fairly amusing story of how the insecurity sent her spiralling into some truly irrational behavior and gives tips on how to stop the vicious cycle of self-judgement.

Rachel Brathen- Sunday, 1:42 pm
Being of Service

Are You Successful? Translation: How Are You Serving the World?

We need to stop thinking of how to become successful and start thinking of how to succeed in helping the world.

Rachel Brathen- Wednesday, 10:35 pm0

Podcast Transcription: Path of Love

Oct 5, 2018 - In this weeks episode Rachel speaks to us from Path of Love, a retreat she has been assisting for the past week in Motala, Sweden. To begin, Rachel tells the story of her own Path of Love experience when she participated in May, 2016. She shares the story of what brought her there (she finally went after booking it twice and cancelling!) and what came out of it (Hint: Her name is Lea Luna).

Rachel Brathen- Friday, 6:20 pm

Podcast Transcription: Social Media Marketing and Making Money With a Purpose

Feb 16, 2018 - In this episode Rachel gets into the topic of social media marketing, ads and staying authentic in how you portray yourself in social media. She talks about her frustration with big corporations that take advantage of the yoga community to make big bucks and shares her own decision to never use her Instagram platform for marketing (and why that might be changing in the near future!).

Rachel Brathen- Friday, 5:17 pm

Podcast Transcription: Here, Now with Seal

Aug 17, 2018 - In this episode, Rachel is joined by none other than beloved international singer, Seal! True to the spirit of the From the Heart podcast, Seal begins the episode by giving a refreshingly honest answer to how he is feeling in his life now compared to a year ago. He shares how his perspective has changed from feeling helpless, victimized and isolated to feeling simply fantastic – and the incredible story that brought him there.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 4:15 pm

Podcast Transcription: Turn Resentment into Compassion

June 28, 2019 - In this episode, Rachel gets personal about an experience in her life that recently caused her to harbor a lot of resentment. When our needs have not been met, or we have been wronged, we are often quick to judge and jump to conclusions. But often times, we don’t know the full story!

Rachel Brathen- Sunday, 11:48 am

See the Signs, Find the Light—Secrets From the Universe

The universe has secrets to tell you… Are you awake? Are you listening? Do you see the signs?

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 8:45 pm0

The Best Way to Practice Yoga? Take the Pressure Off, but Keep Showing Up!

Practicing yoga means doing your best – every single day. Is your best different day to day? Of course it is. The point isn’t to show up the exact same way, day after day. Nature doesn’t even do that.

Rachel Brathen- Wednesday, 9:47 pm0

Podcast Transcription: Spring Cleaning For The Body: My Cleanse Story

April 12, 2019 - In this episode, Rachel discusses her current eating and health habits. Over the past months she has not felt 100% and it has left her trying anything and everything that can bring her back to her usual self. She gave up alcohol, caffeine, sugar and went to a raw food diet, with celery juice every morning topped with a parasite cleanse.

Rachel Brathen- Monday, 10:05 am

Stressed? You Always Have the Perfect Remedy With You: Your Breath

Whenever you find yourself in tense or stressful situations, your breath probably becomes short and restricted. Maybe you hold it altogether! Here's a super simple way to bring some calm into the storm.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 8:48 pm0

Podcast Transcription: Hilary Swank on Overcoming the Burden of ‘Perfect'

March 29, 2019 - In this episode, Rachel is joined by two-time academy award winning actress, entrepreneur, activist, and animal lover, Hilary Swank. Rachel was one of the first people that Hilary Swank followed on Instagram and the two of them have a surprising amount of similarities.

Rachel Brathen- Friday, 11:09 am

Podcast Transcription: The Inner Critic (part 2)

Jul 27, 2018 - In this episode, Rachel continues sharing with the rest of her Yoga Teacher Training group on their Inner Critic. The group shares the judgmental, disapproving thoughts they harbor when that negative voice we all have in our heads is leading the way. Now hearing from 50 women from 15 different countries that have shared their most hurtful thoughts they carry about themselves, it becomes so evident that no matter where we come from or how old we are - we are all the same.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 6:04 pm

5 Wellness Tips for the Holidays and Every Day

You are worthy of feeling your best every damn day! Here are 5 of my favorite wellness practices to inspire your daily life.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 11:48 pm0

Podcast Transcription: Self-Love, Fear of Dying, Rose Quartz Spheres and a Crappy Day

Nov 03, 2017 - In this episode, Rachel gets real and emotional about her hardships in the midst of a particularly crappy day. She talks about her contrasting struggle with low self-esteem and the huge fear she carries around the wellbeing of her daughter while simultaneously feeling content and happy in leading her first teacher training.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 12:17 pm

The Island Yoga Story: A Vortex of Love and Dream Come True

You know when you dream about something big for so long that it becomes a faraway fantasy? And then, when it happens, you can’t stop pinching yourself to make sure it’s real? The Island Yoga story is that dream come true for me.

Rachel Brathen- Sunday, 5:31 pm0

Podcast Transcription: To Love and Let Go

May 31, 2019 - In this episode, Rachel finds herself in a huge moment of joy; SHE FINISHED WRITING HER BOOK! While her first book flowed out of her easily, this second book was five years in the making. She recounts the story of writing the first book, going on tour, and the tragic events that turned that happy time into the hardest of her life.

Rachel Brathen- Friday, 12:11 pm

Good Vibes and Vegan Protein: 5-Ingredient Green Pea Soup

I don’t know which is more satisfying: feeling full with good vibes after eating this green pea soup, or quieting the skeptics who don’t believe protein comes from anything besides animals. Between the green peas and beans, this soup is protein central — vegan and cruelty-free!!

Rachel Brathen- Saturday, 1:08 pm0

Podcast Transcription: Healing Physical Pain, Finding Your Core and Movement as a Spiritual Practice with Lara Heimann

Nov 10, 2017 - In this episode Rachel is joined by Lara Heimann; physical therapist, master yoga teacher and anatomy genius. They talk about one thing and one thing only: THE BODY. Your body is a miracle!

Rachel Brathen- Monday, 12:38 pm

Podcast Transcription: Learning from Pain, Working through Baggage and Learning the Art of Letting Go

May 26, 2017 - Is it possible to be so connected to another human being that their pain can be physically felt within you? What happens when we are unable to let go of emotional pain from our past? This, and much more is answered in this weeks podcast episode. Rachel gets deep and personal and touches on a few traumatic experiences from her past - the death of her stepfather, her mothers suicide attempt and a car accident she suffered through in her teens.

Rachel Brathen- Tuesday, 12:23 pm

What Really Happens at Island Yoga Retreats With Yoga Girl®

People ask what we do during our retreats. Yes, we practice yoga twice a day and eat nourishing meals. We hike to natural pools, jump off sailboats and play. But all those things aren’t what make these retreats so special. What really happens is deeply life-changing.

Rachel Brathen- Saturday, 12:16 pm0

Podcast Transcription: Should We All Turn Our Passions Into a Business?

Feb 1, 2019 - In this episode Rachel is joined by one of her best friends, Jessica Taylor. Although good friends with Rachel, Jess honestly discusses her dislike for the online yoga world. Having quit her job as a nurse, Jessica took a teacher training and immersed herself in teaching yoga, pursuing her dream of becoming a studio owner.

Rachel Brathen- Saturday, 2:55 pm

6-Ingredient Raw Vegan Chocolate—Yoga Girl’s Favorite Recipe

This raw vegan dessert is so easy to make and so crazy-delicious that you’ll never want to buy a chocolate candy bar again! It’s my all-time favorite recipe. Plus, what’s better than REAL cacao mixed with coconut and nut butter??

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 8:50 pm0

Yoga Girl’s Nourishing, Gluten-free Breakfast Bowl for Sacred Mornings

Introducing: the most nourishing, heart-warming, nurturing breakfast bowl... Ever! I love treating my mornings like they’re sacred, like everything is a ritual. And one of my favorite morning rituals is breakfast.

Rachel Brathen- Saturday, 6:04 pm0

Truth for Those Who Have Lost a Loved One: Everyone Is Found

How do you cope when someone you love dies? If you’ve lost a loved one, you know pain unlike anything else. Nobody’s road to healing is the same, but maybe this truth that helped me will help you, too.

Rachel Brathen- Sunday, 4:07 pm0
Self Love

What Makes You Enough is Not What You Think

Are you enough once your abs are toned and you can balance on your hands? HELL. NO. What makes you enough is not defined by tricks your body can do. Your strength runs much, MUCH deeper.

Rachel Brathen- Sunday, 4:34 pm0

How to Cope With Loss and Darkness: My Life Lessons on Growth

No matter what you’ve been through, coping with loss doesn’t always get easier. But I've learned that darkness holds life lessons we all need for the 1 thing we’re here to do: GROW.

Rachel Brathen- Sunday, 6:17 pm0

Want to Manifest Your Dreams? You Might be Forgetting This Important Step

Do you dream in secret? That might be your problem! If I’ve learned anything about manifesting my dreams, it’s this.

Rachel Brathen- Sunday, 4:41 pm0

What do Panic, Prayer and Prana Have in Common?

Feeling panicked is anything but fun, but it is helpful! Panic provokes us to accept that something isn’t great and to make a change—or at least, to pray. What does this process have to teach us about ourselves and the prana flowing through everything?

Rachel Brathen- Saturday, 3:38 pm0

Lea Luna Part 2: Birth and Life

I wanted Lea Luna to arrive in a natural home birth. What I didn’t realize was how much control I thought I was going to have over the experience, and how the only way to reach the finish line was to let it go.

Rachel Brathen- Sunday, 5:51 pm0

Want a Fresh Start in the New Year? Clean out Your Closet

A collective, electric feeling sweeps the world on January 1—a new year has come, a chance for a fresh start full of magic and possibility. On one particular New Year’s Eve, I found the perfect opportunity to make space for manifesting my dreams in the new year: my closet.

Rachel Brathen- Saturday, 5:56 pm0

Vegan French Toast with Blueberries and Coconut Yoghurt

This recipe is so, so easy to make! I whip it up every time we have leftover bread or baguette at home. We just made a carrot soup with some home-made garlic bread and the next morning this half a baguette was just staring at me…

Rachel Brathen- Tuesday, 10:33 pm0

Podcast Transcription: The Family Podcast with Dennis Schoneveld and Shama Persson

Nov 9, 2018 - For the first time ever, Rachel is joined by two guests, her husband, Dennis and her mom, Shama. Rachel had the brilliant idea to invite them both on to take control of the show while she is sick and battling a throat infection - but that didn’t work out for her!

Rachel Brathen- Monday, 9:13 pm

This is the Remedy for Overwhelm in a Loud World

The world is LOUD. And the world inside our own heads is just as loud - or worse! This is a call to make space for silence, the remedy for overwhelm and so much more.

Rachel Brathen- Sunday, 6:01 pm0

Podcast Transcription: Life on Tour with Nathan Connelly

Aug 24, 2018 - In this episode, Rachel is joined by the talented, humble and down-to-earth guitarist from Snow Patrol, Nathan Connolly. First discussing how they randomly ended up in LA together through the connection of a mutual friend, Nathan then dives into how the first show opening for Ed Sheeran went, and what life touring is like (hint: he needs it).

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 4:00 pm

Avoiding Your Yoga Mat? Read This: The Real Reason Why We Practice

Do you avoid getting on your mat because you’re “not flexible”? Do you pass by a mirror or a big window and habitually turn your gaze to analyze your walk, your curves, your whole body?

Rachel Brathen- Sunday, 6:07 pm0

Podcast Transcription: Wedding Wonders and Tough Travels

May 18, 2018 - In this episode Rachel talks about her latest European adventures at her best friend’s wedding in the South of France. Feeling like she was taking an intermission from life for the past couple of weeks, Rachel moved around at a high pace and speaks of a deep feeling of being uprooted. She discusses the changes she has seen lately, not only in her group of friends since her wedding four years ago, but in herself as well.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 8:39 pm

Podcast Transcription: Staying in Alignment - How To Bring Yourself Back To Balance

Aug 10, 2018 - What does alignment mean for you? What do you need to feel good? Recognizing what is truly important for you is the first step to living a life rooted in your own truth. Rachel begins this episode by speaking from the heart about how she has compromised her alignment over the previous weeks. She speaks on the patterns of misalignment that have shown up throughout her life – and how she even compromised herself for social media(!).

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 4:43 pm

Life Doesn’t Want You to Hide—It's Daring You to Live!

Which lie have you let frame your life: life dealt you a bad hand. You’re one of the unlucky ones. You’re always the victim—it’s you against the world. You’re not important.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 8:46 pm0
Self Love

Real Self-Love Is an All-Or-Nothing Deal — Are You All In?

For the longest time, my self-love wasn’t real. I used to think that when it came to self-love, I was doing a pretty good job. I’d look in the mirror and, for the most part, I always felt okay about being me. Catch that? For the most part...

Rachel Brathen- Saturday, 3:52 pm0

Podcast Transcription: Calm and Confident in 2019

Jan 4, 2019 - Welcome to the first From the Heart episode of 2019 where Rachel shares her intentions for the new year. First, reflecting on 2018 and the challenges that it brought into her life, Rachel notices that she was shook by a loss of confidence. From working too hard and too much, chasing around a crazy toddler and having social media telling her all the things she was doing wrong, Rachel felt self-doubt creep in and latch onto her in the spot that was most vulnerable.

Rachel Brathen- Friday, 4:44 pm

Podcast Transcription: Are We What We Eat? with Ella Mills

Nov 17, 2017 - In this episode Rachel is joined by Ella Mills; creator of the insanely popular food blog Deliciously Ella. Ella healed herself from a devastating disease through plant based food and a healthy lifestyle and has since dedicated her life to inspiring the world through the art of cooking.

Rachel Brathen- Saturday, 7:04 pm

Don’t Wait for Happiness to Find You- Choose it Now!

A day at the beach is all I need to remember life’s greatest lessons. Our minds can latch onto drama, for example, and we act like the only way out is a big, cryptic secret.

Rachel Brathen- Wednesday, 10:28 pm0

Podcast Transcription: Magic Happens Where Your Comfort Zone Ends with Chris Burkard

Jan 19, 2018 - In this episode, Rachel is joined by Chris Burkard: photographer, explorer, creative director, author, and speaker. Chris has gained worldwide recognition for his photography and art over the past few years and is especially known for his travels to remote places and extreme weather surf photography.

Rachel Brathen- Friday, 11:33 pm

The Key to Growth is to Let it Burn - It’s Time to Step into the Fire

This is the day you look your fears square in the eye...without running away.

Rachel Brathen- Wednesday, 10:23 pm0

Podcast Transcription: Cultural Appropriation with Susanna Barkataki

Aug 31, 2018 - In this episode, Rachel invites Susanna Barkataki to discuss the topic of cultural appropriation. Susanna is a teacher, inclusivity promoter, yoga culture advocate and the author of the original article, “How to Decolonize Your Yoga Practice” that was widely circulated across social media over the past few weeks. What is cultural appropriation? Where do we draw the line between cultural appreciation and appropriation? Join the conversation.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 3:28 pm

Podcast Transcription: The Inappropriate Husband with Dennis Schoneveld

Dec 22, 2017 - In this episode, Rachel is joined by her husband Dennis for what might just be the most hilarious (and politically incorrect) episode ever. They have a conversation that's both relaxed, heated and slightly inappropriate at times about everything from meat eating vs veganism, living a privileged life, the challenges of running a yoga studio, parenthood and what it’s like to spend literally every hour of the day together.

Rachel Brathen- Saturday, 12:06 am

Podcast Transcription: Life After Death and Healing Emotional Pain

Feb 23, 2018 - In this weeks episode Rachel talks about her experience with death and loss. After losing her best friend, her grandmother and her dog within the span of just a few months, her entire life was turned upside down. In this episode, she shares little pieces of her experience and talks about emotional healing and how it’s not a linear process.

Rachel Brathen- Friday, 5:09 pm

Podcast Transcription: Trusting Your Intuition and the Birth Heard Around the World with Ashley Albrand

March 1, 2019 - In this episode, Rachel is joined once again by intergalactic goddess, Ashley Albrand. Ashley shares the birth story of each of her 4 children - including the birth heard around the world as she delivered her surprise (and breach) twins on her own in Costa Rica.

Rachel Brathen- Friday, 11:19 am

This is the Key to Feeling Better on Bad Days

Having a bad day? Going through a rough patch? Life crisis? The key to making a bad day just a bad moment so you can feel better is simple.

Rachel Brathen- Sunday, 2:52 pm0
Being of Service

Feeling Hopeless? Read This and Return to Love

The more we learn about what’s happening around the world, the more we experience our own heartache and pain, the more it can feel like hope is lost. Like love is gone. But there is only one constant, and it never, ever runs dry.

Rachel Brathen- Saturday, 6:27 pm0

Podcast Transcription: Venting - The Art of Working Through Struggles and Returning to Gratitude

June 30, 2017 - In this episode, Rachel talks about her travels to Sweden, feeling overworked, the challenge of running a business as a new mom and why trying to be "superwoman" and doing it all just doesn't work. She also talks about how opening up about pain is the first step to healing, failing the no-sugar challenge (ugh!) and what she and her husband are struggling with as parents.

Rachel Brathen- Wednesday, 3:03 pm

Podcast Transcription: The Bet

Oct 26, 2018 - In this episode, Rachel is joined once again by her husband and baby daddy, Dennis Schoneveld! Both Rachel and Dennis have big things coming up - Dennis is participating in his second Iron Man at the same time that Rachel is leading a yoga teacher training. They discuss what happened the last time Dennis did an Iron Man - and how it was the most they’ve ever fought as a couple.

Rachel Brathen- Sunday, 11:02 am

Podcast Transcription: How To Let Your Wounds Make You Wiser

May 3, 2019 - In this episode, Rachel is on a path to let things GO. In a regular day we often swing from high to low more times than we can count. Having just been triggered by some not-great news, she shares how when she is present with her emotions, she can track how quickly contentment can be replaced with a feeling of unease.

Rachel Brathen- Wednesday, 11:37 am

Podcast Transcription: Gratitude, Cloning and Turning a Bad Day Around

Mar 16, 2018 - In this episode, Rachel shares the love she feels for her dog and how the fear of losing him drove her to do some very (very, very) irrational things (including the craziest story you’ve ever heard). She talks about deep soul connection with another being, fear of loss, the issue with “perfection” and how allowing yourself to be human brings the biggest relief.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 10:40 pm
Self Love

I’m Not “Brave”, I’m Human—Stop the Body Shaming

Amy Schumer was called “brave” for her photo shoot she did in her underwear, holding a cup of coffee. Someone else looked at that same photo and likened her to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. When you share a photo of yourself as you truly are, you’re being beautifully human. Not brave. It’s time to stop the body shaming.

Rachel Brathen- Saturday, 5:05 pm0

Cultural Appropriation, Inclusivity and Yoga – What I’ve Learned

I want to start off by saying that I am so, so grateful to be in this place. I truly am. There have been some hard lessons along the way but I feel absolutely blessed to be not just a part of this conversation, but a part in making a change.

Rachel Brathen- Tuesday, 10:49 pm0

Podcast Transcription: Becoming a Force of Good in the World by Feeling Your Feelings and Choosing Your Community with Care

Sept 8, 2018 - In this episode Rachel talks about the magnificent power of taking charge of your emotional well being. When we feel whole and safe, we are able to harness that energy and take charge to make a difference in the world - in our own way. YOU have the power to change the world. You do! She talks about the challenge of staying away from gossip and drama and gives examples on how to continuously bring love into situations that try to pull us toward negativity and judgement.

Rachel Brathen- Friday, 1:01 pm

Podcast Transcription: Epiphanies, Self-Care and Being Alone

Jun 22, 2018 - In this episode, Rachel speaks of her time away from her husband and baby girl and the epiphanies that accompanied her during this time alone. She recollects on her past, and how her childhood shaped her into a ‘fixer’ who always put other’s needs before her own. Now as a working mother, Rachel notices how her attention is pulled in thousands of directions, and still never on herself.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 7:45 pm

Podcast Transcription: Rituals to Set Your New Years Intentions

Dec 28, 2018 - In this episode, Christmas has just ended and Rachel is feeling the relief. She realizes why people spend the holidays with their extended family - because leaving all the cooking to one person is too big of a job! Rachel discusses the pressure she put on herself to create the perfect Christmas for her family and how it left her missing her mom and wondering exactly what she was trying to recreate. With Christmas over for the year, Rachel’s focus shifts to New Years.

Rachel Brathen- Friday, 11:42 am

This 1 Trick to Your Yoga Practice Will Save Your Life off the Mat

There’s a not-so-secret trick to committing to your yoga practice every damn day. I believe life is like a yoga practice, and the same trick has become an essential life lesson that’s saved me every time I felt like giving up.

Rachel Brathen- Saturday, 6:24 pm0

Podcast Transcription: The Inner Critic (part 1)

Jul 20, 2018 - In this episode, Rachel invites her Yoga Teacher Training group to join her in sharing a piece of what their inner critic - that judgmental, disapproving voice we all carry in the back of our heads - speaks of, and what life is like when we live from that place. 52 women from 15 different countries share from a place of deep vulnerability and then turn toward the Inner Best Friend - a voice that speaks with unconditional love and support.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 6:11 pm

A Letter to the Highly Motivated: Find a Hammock and Take a Nap

Highly motivated to change the world? Great! But take it from me: burning the midnight oil will not get you there any faster! Find a hammock and take a nap — the only way to get a lot done is to balance work with rest.

Rachel Brathen- Sunday, 8:50 pm0

For New Moms Who Fear the Worst: Proof You're Not Alone

Is fearing the worst normal for new moms? This constant worry that something awful is going to happen to my baby… It paralyzes me at times. I obsess over it.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 8:58 pm0

Cultural Appropriation: What Is It and How Does It Apply to Yoga?

The topic of cultural appropriation is a sensitive and important one and I will give it the time and attention it deserves.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 9:00 pm0

Podcast Transcription: Mind, Body and Stories About Pain

Apr 27, 2018 - In this episode, Rachel shares her experience with training with a Naprapath for 8 straight days and learning new, unconventional ways of moving her body. She talks about how she has built a story around her back pain and an old injury and the epiphany that the story around the pain actually may have led her to more of the same.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 9:02 pm

How to Have a Good Life: Be Free, Be Present, and Fall on Your Ass

Life is all about finding balance. Find balance, and you find peace. And who doesn’t want peace?

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 8:55 pm0

4 Healing Tools Yoga Girl Used to Move Through Pain and Loss

How do you continue to live after 3, almost 4, of your loved ones pass within a few months? The journey is different for everyone. For me, 4 things helped me move through the worst pain and loss of my life.

Rachel Brathen- Saturday, 4:33 pm0
Being of Service

How Can You Best Serve? Drop the Should's and Teach What You Know

I rediscovered myself in 2016. I was so ready to live as my authentic self, but that meant changing how I taught yoga. And that scared me.

Rachel Brathen- Sunday, 3:31 pm0

Podcast Transcription: How To Manifest Anything You Want

Feb 15, 2019 - In this episode, Rachel is recording from Costa Rica. After living there for many years, this is Rachel’s first time back since having Lea Luna and her life is dramatically different. When Rachel lived in Costa Rica before, she was broke and in and out of work. What kept her knowing all would work out was the practice of manifestation through visualization.

Rachel Brathen- Monday, 11:17 am

Podcast Transcription: Learning From Pain, Working Through Baggage and Learning The Art of Letting Go

May 26, 2017 - Is it possible to be so connected to another human being that their pain can be physically felt within you? What happens when we are unable to let go of emotional pain from our past? This, and much more is answered in this weeks podcast episode. Rachel gets deep and personal and touches on a few traumatic experiences from her past. She talks about the physical pain she has carried throughout her life and the realization that it’s all connected to past emotional pain.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 11:57 am

Podcast Transcription: Yoga with Usher and An Emergency Toolkit For Wellbeing

Jun 08, 2018 - Yoga with Usher and An Emergency Toolkit For Wellbeing In this episode, Rachel begins sharing how she feels this week – elated, joyful and on top of the world. She begins by sharing her recent experience of taking a yoga class with Usher and what it was like being led by a well-known superstar, chanting while he sang, and hearing the messages and intentions he brought forth into the space that deeply resonated with her own.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 8:01 pm

The Only Thing That Matters Is the 1 Thing We Fear

What matters most? Your actions, the conversations you have in your head all day long… When you step back and look at the core motivation behind everything, it’s easy to see if it’s coming from a place of love or a place of fear.

Rachel Brathen- Saturday, 2:47 pm0

Podcast Transcription: Turning Dreams Into Reality

Jan 05, 2018 - In this episode, Rachel records live on Instagram with thousands of people tuning in! Over 100,000 people tuned in to listen and ask questions. Rachel starts off by sharing how she went out dancing with her little sister the night before and for the first time since pre-pregnancy woke up feeling the effects of a night on the town. Her conclusion? No amount of fun is worth it when you’re spending the next day with your baby!

Rachel Brathen- Friday, 11:45 pm