Rachel Brathen

Swedish native Rachel Brathen is an international yoga teacher, New York Times best-selling author, mother and serial entrepreneur residing in Aruba. After graduating school in Stockholm she traveled to Costa Rica and it was here that she found the joy of incorporating yoga into her everyday life. Deepening her yoga practice and also taking her first steps towards teaching, she ended up moving to Central America where she spent years exploring the intricate studies of yoga and spirituality. After moving to Aruba early 2010 she started teaching yoga full time on this Caribbean island. Her classes are a dynamic Vinyasa Flow integrating alignment, core work, and breathing techniques with basic poses and creative sequencing. With over three million followers in social media, Brathen shares pieces of her life with the world every day and has inspired thousands of people though events, workshops, retreats and trainings.

In addition to teaching worldwide, Rachel is the founder of www.oneOeight.com; an online platform for yoga, meditation, and healing. As the most successful crowd-funded yoga project of all time, the platform is made up of a vast community of dedicated practitioners from all over the world looking to cultivate balance, create space for inner healing and deepen their yoga practice. With an amazing team of experienced guides and teachers, oneOeight offers heart-centered classes designed to fit the always evolving needs of body, mind and soul.

Rachel Brathens articles

Self Love

A Leap of Faith and The Secret to Finding Love

I’ve done many things in my life that absolutely terrified me. The thing that terrified me the most? Marrying this man. Committing to marriage rewrote my faith in love, in life.

Rachel Brathen- Sunday, 3:02 pm0
Self Love

To Those Who Are Hiding Their Fire, Here’s a Matchstick

There is a fire in your soul - a spark ready to ignite its force through your spirit and out into the world.

Rachel Brathen- Monday, 8:11 pm0

Podcast Transcription: A Wedding Anniversary and Making Things Work with Dennis Schoneveld

Jun 29, 2018 - In this episode, Rachel is joined by her husband Dennis on their 4th wedding anniversary – after they both almost forgot it. They begin by diving into the intense Spring they had; traveling from country to country in Europe, with a toddler and a dog, while working towards a major business launch. Dennis also touches on what traveling means to him after growing up on a tiny island.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 6:51 pm

Yoga Girl Daily Transcription: Random Act of Kindness

Aug 30, 2019 - On Fridays we do things that lift us up. Something often overlooked in a self-care practice is being of service for others. When you do something kind, the happiness you created is felt by everyone involved - you included! Today, practice a random act of kindness. It will make someone’s day (and yours, too!). Tune in to get inspired.

Rachel Brathen- Friday, 10:06 am
Self Love

Self-Love and Humility—Can You Have Both? This Truth Changes Everything.

Why is it frowned upon to praise ourselves? Why does being humble mean putting yourself down every time anyone lifts you up? Stop hiding your self-love.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 8:50 pm0

Moving Forward in Life After Loss: Through Pregnancy and a Yoga Mat

Daydreaming with your friends about the future is the best. But what happens when all your plans vanish in an instant? Moving forward with my life after the loss of my best friend could flip any event into pain or crisis—like finding out I’m pregnant, or losing a yoga mat.

Rachel Brathen- Saturday, 5:06 pm0

Podcast Transcription: Hard Lessons Learned and The Business of Yoga

Aug 11, 2017 - In this episode, Rachel opens up about feeling taken advantage of and how it's a pattern that continuously shows up in her life. She shares a few examples of some very hard lessons she's had to learn in the yoga industry over the years and how even though they helped her grow and learn, she still finds herself too trusting in an industry that's sometimes everything but "zen".

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 11:51 am

Podcast Transcription: What If Fear Is A Doorway To Healing?

July 12, 2019 - In this episode, Rachel is lucky she can speak after going in for emergency dental surgery! Gaining wisdom after losing a wisdom tooth, Rachel shares on her fears of the dentist, the difficult dental experience she had in the past and how she had built this up to be a really big, gut-wrenching thing when in reality... It was no big deal at all.

Rachel Brathen- Tuesday, 11:00 am

Podcast Transcription: Astrology - The Art of Aligning with Your Life’s Purpose with Debra Silverman

Mar 02, 2018 - How does the full moon affect us? What does Mercury in Retrograde mean? Does each person really have a destiny? In this weeks episode, Rachel is joined by Debra Silverman; psychologist and astrologer with over 40 years in the field. Debra has dedicated her life to helping people heal emotional wounds by aligning with their life’s purpose (she works with Madonna, Sting, Trevor Hall and many more - this woman is literally an astrologer of the stars... To the stars!).

Rachel Brathen- Friday, 5:03 pm

#MeToo – The Yoga Stories (Part 2)

Here it is: a second round of #MeToo – stories of sexual harassment and abuse from the yoga world. We have received hundreds of stories. This is a selection from people who have given their consent to have these shared – women and men who want their stories to be heard.

Rachel Brathen- Monday, 2:30 pm0

Be the Best Yoga Teacher (And Avoid Burnout): 6 Tips From Yoga Girl®

Some things they just don’t tell you in teacher training. These are my 6 Yoga Girl® tips that I’ve learned to avoid burnout, stay balanced and inspired, and be the best yoga teacher I can be.

Rachel Brathen- Saturday, 12:20 pm0

Yoga Girl Daily Transcription: This Week, I Will Get Things Done By...

Sept 2, 2019 - Let’s commit to getting things done. There is no better feeling than having a productive week, checking things off the to-do list, getting that project completed and moving forward with a feeling of freedom and ease! Don’t save things for tomorrow and end up overwhelmed. Tune in and let us know how you are going to get things done this week.

Rachel Brathen- Monday, 12:37 pm

The World Needs an Intention Avalanche. Let’s Start One.

Urgent conversations are now on the table. But the voices of the victims are still fighting to be heard. To be believed. To be protected.

Rachel Brathen- Saturday, 6:16 pm0

Why the Moments That Matter the Most are the Ones That Go Unnoticed

I live for the little moments in between. Not the moments when I cross the finish line of a goal, not the events that make headlines, but those moments that usually aren’t even noticed.

Rachel Brathen- Wednesday, 10:38 pm0

Podcast Transcription: Turn Self-Pity Into Self-Appreciation

Aug 30, 2019 - In this episode, Rachel gets personal about her struggle to pull herself out of a dark, fearful place. After staying up all night worrying about Lea Luna, she begins to spiral into a self-pity party, only to be pulled from her funk by a touching message from one of her followers.

Rachel Brathen- Tuesday, 7:04 am

Podcast Transcription: Relatable Feminism, Anti-Bullying and Loving Yourself No Matter What with Violet Benson

Nov 24, 2017 - In this episode, Rachel is joined by comedian and social media superstar Violet Benson, also known as Daddy Issues! Violet rose to stardom through her wildly popular meme account @daddyissues_ on Instagram where she highlights relatable and controversial topics through the eyes of the millennial woman.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 12:34 pm
Self Love

Self-Worth Struggle: the Unshakable Commitment Between You and You

One of the most important realizations we can ever have in life is understanding our own self worth.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 8:48 pm0

A Surf Shop and a Shooting Star—The Rachel and Dennis Love Story

Finding love seems to happen by total surprise; but the most important pieces to get you there might be seeing the signs and leaning into the fear—mine took the shapes of a surf shop and a shooting star.

Rachel Brathen- Saturday, 5:14 pm0

Want to Connect With Your intuition? Wake up Before the Sun

Waking up before sunrise is my favorite way to connect with my intuition. The magic at dawn is like nothing else. When was the last time you experienced it?

Rachel Brathen- Saturday, 6:37 am0

Yoga Girl Daily Transcription: One of My Greatest Qualities is…

Sept 17, 2019 - We all have that inner critical voice that sometimes tells us we aren’t good enough. Today, let’s change that internal dialogue to a positive one! What is your greatest quality? Reflect on something that is unique to who you are and appreciate the beauty that you bring to this world.

Rachel Brathen- Tuesday, 8:05 am

Yoga Girl Daily Transcription: This Week, I Will Listen to My Body and Let It Lead the Way

Sept 16, 2019 - This week we set a collective intention. Whenever we feel overwhelmed or stressed, we tend to listen to our minds instead of letting our bodies guide us. But our bodies are wise! They can let us know exactly what we need. This week, commit to listening to your body and let it lead the way! Slow down. Tune in. And when the going gets tough, trust that your body will always tell you the truth.

Rachel Brathen- Monday, 8:29 am

Podcast Transcription: The Challenges of Parenthood, Being a Stay-At-Home Dad and Becoming Iron Man with Dennis Schoneveld

Sept 15, 2017 - In this episode Rachel is joined by her husband Dennis and together they dive in to an honest reflection of their challenges as new parents. They talk about their recent fights over Dennis training for an Iron Man race, not having any alone time, masculine vs feminine roles and being a "modern family" with Dennis as a stay-at-home dad and Rachel as a working mom.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 2:12 pm

Podcast Transcription: Nurturing Your Friendships with Olivia Rothschild

Jan 11, 2019 - In this episode, Rachel is recording from NYC with her best friend Olivia Rothschild. Rachel and Olivia “met half way” in NYC for the only reason that they wanted to spend some time together and have a little break from the husbands and the babies. They chat about life, sex, having more babies, shaving, veganism and all the usual things best friends talk about.

Rachel Brathen- Friday, 2:19 pm

5-Minute Meditation for People Who Can’t Meditate

Today is the day you meditate! It’ll only take 5 minutes, and it just might change your life. Doubtful? That’s okay. I’ll tell you why and how to try it right now.

Rachel Brathen- Saturday, 6:29 pm0

Should You Add Hemp to Your Smoothies? Yoga Girl’s Dreamy Recipe

Smoothies are the perfect way to nourish your body — and enjoy how it tastes! It wouldn’t be a Yoga Girl® smoothie without some experimentation... My favorite find and new smoothie staple? Hemp! Here’s my favorite dreamy recipe for this superfood.

Rachel Brathen- Saturday, 11:29 pm0

Podcast Transcription: On The Road Again

May 04, 2018 - In this episode Rachel is joined by her husband Dennis while traveling through south of France. They talk about their adventures through Europe and their differences in terms of the kind of traveling they enjoy. Dennis shares what it’s like seeing the world from the eyes of a someone who grew up on a tiny island and Rachel shares how she has changed as a traveler since becoming a mom.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 8:53 pm

Podcast Transcription: What If We All Just Did Whatever the F*ck We Want?

Jan 25, 2019 - In this episode, Rachel shares some big life changes she’s had over the past week. Dealing with a crazy toddler - who only does exactly as she wants to do all the time and throws a fit if she doesn’t - has left Rachel both admiring her daughter and exhausted by her. Cue the large life changes: Without a thought, Rachel cut out the braid her best friend put in her hair 12 years ago (the same best friend who passed away). She waxed her legs (despite not caring how hairy she was).

Rachel Brathen- Monday, 4:03 pm

Podcast Transcription: The Flight From Hell

Sep 22, 2017 - In this episode, Rachel tells the hilarious story of how she flew from Stockholm to Aruba last week and how everything that could have gone wrong did (at the same time!). Prepare for some very disgusting but crazy funny storytelling! She also talks a little bit about anger and transforming it through comic relief.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 11:48 am

Podcast Transcription: How to Practice Self Reflection (It Will Change Your Life!)

July 26, 2019 - In this episode, Rachel is reflecting on the true meaning of self-care: self reflection. Remaining conscious and present with how we feel, what triggers us and how we relate to others is the most important key to living a balanced life. And continuing to self reflect and do the inner work isn’t easy!

Rachel Brathen- Saturday, 1:33 pm
Self Love

5 Ways to Love Yourself First and Live Your Life for YOU

Two truths have changed my life: 1—You can’t know love, and give love, if you don’t love yourself first. If you try, it won’t be pure or unconditional. 2—You’re here for a specific purpose that only you have. It makes zero sense to live anyone else’s life but your own! Come home to yourself and your divine purpose with these 5 tips.

Rachel Brathen- Sunday, 4:51 pm0

When Nothing Goes to Plan, Go With the Flow—Lessons in Gratitude

“To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be continually thrown out of the nest.”

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 8:55 pm0

Podcast Transcription: Maternity Leave Schmaternity Leave

Dec 7, 2018 - In this episode, Rachel is on her very first day of maternity leave - and it is not going well. She discusses everything that led her to this moment, from feeling burnt out and tired from work with a heavy burden of responsibility on her shoulders. So she took time off and... cleaned the house, walked the dogs, fed the goats, took out the garbage, browsed Instagram and felt like she did nothing of value to help her slow down.

Rachel Brathen- Monday, 1:10 pm

Podcast Transcription: Quitting Sugar and Making Changes Out of Love

Jun 02, 2017 - In this episode, Rachel talks about her sweet tooth; something that used to mean enjoying dessert after dinner but that lately has become a full-on addiction. How can we make changes in our diet (or in our lives) and stick with them? Is there a way to find a loving approach to quitting bad habits? Join Rachel as she embarks on a journey of freeing herself from sugar and get inspired to look at your own life.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 11:52 am

How to Start a Yoga Practice: 8 Tips From Yoga Girl®

Starting a yoga practice is learning a new language — literally if you count the Sanskrit for each pose! It can be hard to start, especially if your focus is a home practice. These are 8 tips to help you get started, get motivated and fall in love with yoga!

Rachel Brathen- Saturday, 11:38 am0

Yoga Girl Daily Transcription: Wellbeing Wednesday

Aug 21, 2019 - Today we focus on something proven to elevate your wellbeing: meditation! Having a meditation practice is known to ease anxiety, spark creativity, and allows you to de-stress and find peace of mind. It can change your whole outlook on life!

Rachel Brathen- Wednesday, 9:06 am

Podcast Transcription: Mindful Relationships and Making Sacrifices for Mother Earth with Waylon Lewis

July 14, 2017 - In this episode Rachel is joined by Waylon Lewis; environmentalist, meditation teacher and founder of elephantjournal.com. They talk about sustainable living, the current political climate and the Buddhist view on mindful relationships. Waylon shares how he risked it all for the sake of caring for Mother Earth and gives his best tips for living a green life.

Rachel Brathen- Sunday, 2:14 pm

Podcast Transcription: Peace, Love and Veganism with James Aspey

Oct 20, 2017 - In this episode Rachel is joined by James Aspey; vegan, animal rights activist and public speaker. James replaced drugs, cancer and bulimia with veganism, surfing and meditation and his story is an incredible inspiration to people across the globe. After being diagnosed with Leukemia which led him into drug addiction, he changed his life drastically and started a journey in search of health and happiness.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 10:41 am

Podcast Transcription: Navigating Marriage and Kids with Dennis Schoneveld​

March 22, 2019 - In this episode, Rachel and Dennis are on a super romantic couple’s trip to Bogota, Colombia (Disclaimer: Rachel’s passport was expiring and they used this as a frantic excuse for a date night getaway). As expected with Dennis on the show, you are in for another hilarious and slightly inappropriate episode.

Rachel Brathen- Sunday, 5:33 pm

Can’t Stop the Stress? Here are 6 Ways to Find Gratitude Every Damn Day

You have the ability to choose between stress or gratitude—right at this very moment. Yes, even this stressful-as-fuck moment. Gratitude is possible every damn day! You just need to create your go-to stress-busting list. I’ll show you mine.

Rachel Brathen- Sunday, 5:33 pm0

Podcast Transcription: The Art of Slowing Down

Nov 30, 2018 - In this episode, Rachel talks about her absolute inability to slow down. After a very intense few years culminating with back-to-back retreats and trainings, her body has started giving her serious signals to work at a slower pace. How do you slow down when moving fast is all you know? Rachel wraps her head around the fact that there is never a time that she is not working.

Rachel Brathen- Monday, 10:40 am

Podcast Transcription: Becoming Yoga Girl

Oct 6, 2017 - In this episode Rachel shares the story of how Yoga Girl came into existence! She talks about how her Instagram account came to be and recalls the first time anyone every recognized her from social media (not as much fun as you might think!).

Rachel Brathen- Monday, 12:06 pm

Podcast Transcription: Becoming Yoga Girl

Oct 06, 2017 - In this episode, Rachel shares the story of how Yoga Girl came into existence! She talks about how her Instagram account came to be and recalls the first time anyone every recognized her from social media (not as much fun as you might think!). She also tells the hilarious story of how she taught her first-ever yoga class abroad.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 11:49 am

Podcast Transcription: Being Vulnerable, Feeling Your Feelings and Owning Your Sh*t

Aug 4, 2017 - In this episode Rachel talks about a new practice she’s incorporated into her life: the art of being vulnerable. She talks about how being vulnerable and feeling your feelings right away sets us up for a whole new lightness of being, the challenge of making and keeping girlfriends and how to tap into a sensitive place as a teacher so we can improve the quality of what we share with the world.

Rachel Brathen- Sunday, 1:53 pm

Want to Balance Your Life? Throw Out the Rule Book and Follow Your Heart

Balance is key in everything you do. To some, balance means moderation. To others, it means equal amounts of opposites. To me, there are no rules. Balance simply means tuning in.

Rachel Brathen- Wednesday, 9:45 pm0

Yoga Girl Daily Transcription: Journey Into The Heart

Sept 18, 2019 - Place your hands on top of your chest and feel the connection to your heart space. So much is held here; not only love and joy and compassion, but also sadness, frustration and fear. Today, listen to what your heart is telling you. Emotionally, how are you doing? We are meant to fully feel and express our emotions. Know that everything that’s here is here because you’re ready to experience it. Even for just five minutes.

Rachel Brathen- Wednesday, 8:27 am

Podcast Transcription: Setting Intentions and Manifesting Love

Dec 29, 2017 - In this episode, Rachel shares her intentions for 2018 and invites her listeners to join in. Setting intentions for the new year is a deeply spiritual practice and to find out what we want to manifest we need to begin by looking at what we have struggled with during the year that’s passed!

Rachel Brathen- Friday, 11:59 pm

Podcast Transcription: The Guilt of the New Mom

April 28, 2017 - In this episode Rachel shares her struggles as a new mom and the guilt and self-doubt that often comes with motherhood. She also talks about the practice of sitting with pain and finding growth and healing by learning how to not escape emotions when they come our way.

Rachel Brathen- Wednesday, 12:20 pm

Yoga Girl Daily Transcription: You Are Enough

Sept 4, 2019 - Take this time to feel into your body, ground and meditate. Show up as you are, here and now, with everything life has brought you today. Notice that when you slow down, your breath follows. When your mind shifts to your inhales and exhales, you automatically make space within. Let’s drop into that place of silence and tune into the knowing that you are enough, just the way you are.

Rachel Brathen- Wednesday, 9:12 am

A Reminder When Life Gets Heavy: You Were Made to Love

Sometimes it seems like the world was made to break your heart.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 8:56 pm0

Lea Luna Part 1: From Healing to Pregnancy

I wanted to heal my life before I made another, and I realized the universe planned it that way, too. Women have come to my retreats or teacher trainings to heal themselves, and immediately after they returned home, they got pregnant. Literally!! My story is no different.

Rachel Brathen- Saturday, 5:52 pm0

Why Travel if You Never Arrive? Lessons From a Nomad

When I left Sweden to travel the world, my mom would tell her friends I was on a "world tour". I was a free spirit, confident I was meant to wander the world and never settle down. It was part of my identity, going from place to place. Nothing was better than constant travel. But I didn’t know I was keeping myself from the best part: arriving.

Rachel Brathen- Sunday, 8:38 pm0

Podcast Transcription: Stress, Anxiety and Accepting The Present Moment

Apr 20, 2018 - How can we practice being present in the here and now when the moment we are in is particularly challenging? In today’s episode Rachel talks about her latest travels to Europe and how parents should receive awards at the end of long travels with babies. She shares everything that went wrong and how, even with the best intentions, she lost her cool and spent almost two whole days overwhelmed with stress and anxiety.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 9:07 pm

The Yoga Girl® Method for Manifesting - Journaling on New Year’s Day

I write down my intentions at the start of every year. Here's a peek at my annual reflection and manifestation process on January 1, 2018.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 6:31 am0

Podcast Transcription: Just a Mom - Sleep Deprivation and Other Stories

Sep 01, 2017 - In this episode, Rachel gets real about her in-the-moment struggles: dealing with some serious sleep deprivation. She talks about her greatest challenges as a mother, being sensitive about comments she's getting on Instagram, feeling overall crappy and the realization that she wants to be more than "just a mom".

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 10:43 am

Yoga Girl Daily Transcription: Thankful Thursday

Aug 22, 2019 - Thursdays are all about gratitude! By noticing the many blessings already present in our lives and by deepening our gratitude practice we can improve our lives in so many ways. Feeling authentically grateful doesn’t always happen on its own - it’s a practice!

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 9:15 am

Podcast Transcription: Be Yourself, The World Depends On It with LP

June 21, 2019 - In this episode Rachel is joined by esteemed singer songwriter LP (you for sure know her platinum single Lost on You!). In between tours, LP is home in LA and takes the time to talk with Rachel about life, love and perseverance. To LP, having tools to calm ourselves so we can take all the curveballs of life is the key to being balanced (and calming ourselves is not the same as laziness, as we often think!)

Rachel Brathen- Wednesday, 10:31 am

How to Stop Morning (All Day) Sickness: Yoga Girl’s Top 10 Tips

Severe nausea hit me like a ton of bricks just 5 weeks into my pregnancy. I don’t get hangovers, so I really wasn’t prepared for morning sickness - Nausea. Every. Damn. Morning.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 8:58 pm0

Podcast Transcription: Moving Through Pain and Holding Space For Growth

Jul 06, 2018 - Rachel begins this episode by sharing the immense feeling of gratitude she has carried with her lately. Currently immersed in leading a yoga teacher training, she speaks of the deep bond of sisterhood that has been apparent since this new group stepped into the shala. Sensing an overall shift in the feminist movement, Rachel shares how inspiring it is to be surrounded by women that uplift and support one another.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 6:41 pm

Podcast Transcription: #MeToo

Dec 01, 2017 - In this weeks episode, Rachel joins the #MeToo movement and shares her own stories of sexual harassment and abuse. She journeys back to the first moment she every felt objectified as a young girl and retells a few experiences with varying degrees of intensity where she felt violated, taken advantage of or abused. She also dives into the challenging topic of victim blaming and how speaking up and shedding light on our experiences can lead to empowerment.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 12:40 pm

The Perfect Vegan Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Recipe

Do you need proof your brown bananas are a good sign? Here is it: the perfectly dense vegan banana bread recipe, with chocolate chips. Because chocolate.

Rachel Brathen- Saturday, 2:47 pm0

Podcast Transcription: How To Improve Your Alignment and Find A Sustainable Yoga Practice with Lara Heimann

Jul 13, 2018 - In this episode, Rachel is joined once again by yoga teacher, physiotherapist and anatomy genius Lara Heimann. Currently leading a yoga teacher training together, Rachel and Lara discuss everything from their best mothering tips to Lara’s sustainable home.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 6:34 pm

How to be Amazed by Life, Even When You Can’t Feel The Light

LIFE—it amazes me. Every day, with its highs and lows, ups and downs… Life is amazing. I’ve experienced tragedy, loss, pain and suffering, but as I look at the sunrise bringing a new day, my heart flutters in complete awe of life.

Rachel Brathen- Sunday, 5:22 pm0

Podcast Transcription: Taking a Leap for Love with Dennis Schoneveld

May 12, 2017 - In this episode Rachel is joined by her husband Dennis and their baby girl, Lea Luna! They talk about how they first fell in love, what it's like working together with your spouse, life as new parents, dealing with social media fame and much more. Dennis shares how he found his passion for yoga (it wasn't through Rachel!) and why he was reluctant to be a guest on the show.

Rachel Brathen- Friday, 10:12 am

Podcast Transcription: Serenity, Now

Apr 06, 2018 - In this episode, Rachel is experiencing a few days of serious pain and tells the story of her latest project on her path toward peace: a bathtub. After being given the advice to soak in water as a practice of self-care, she sets out to install a bathtub in her house and what was supposed to be a 2-day project suddenly took on a life of its own and became 3 weeks of construction and, of course, disturbance.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 9:27 pm

Podcast Transcription: Being Vulnerable, Feeling Your Feelings and Owning Your Sh*t

Aug 04, 2017 - In this episode, Rachel talks about a new practice she’s incorporated into her life: the art of being vulnerable. She talks about how being vulnerable and feeling your feelings right away sets us up for a whole new lightness of being, the challenge of making and keeping girlfriends and how to tap into a sensitive place as a teacher so we can improve the quality of what we share with the world.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 11:51 am

Podcast Transcription: Powering Through and Mellowing Out

May 11, 2018 - In this episode, Rachel reflects on her latest weekend trip to LA to teach a yoga class at a fitness festival. She talks about the different mindset she had being separated from her baby girl compared to previous solo trips, and how this allowed her to turn on the fiery side of her personality so she could tackle an intense weekend with a strict run of show.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 8:46 pm

Podcast Transcription: Triggers and Teachings

May 25, 2018 - In this episode Rachel dives into the topic of using relationships and challenges for growth, finding ways to express your emotions no matter what society says and the beauty of letting your inner child come out to play. She begins by discussing the different place she is in this week compared to last. From feeling ungrounded and stagnant, Rachel talks about diving back into work-mode and the new energy that came with it.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 8:31 pm

Podcast Transcription: Body Positivity and Finding Self-Love In a World of Non-Acceptance

Aug 18, 2017 - How can we find self-love in a society that constantly pushes us toward non-acceptance? In this episode, Rachel talks about body positivity and loving her postpartum body while struggling with that little voice in the back of her mind telling her she isn't good enough. She shares a recent and fairly amusing story of how the insecurity sent her spiraling into some truly irrational behavior and gives tips on how to stop the vicious cycle of self-judgment.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 10:44 am

Yoga Is Hard, Even for Yoga Girl® — Why We Must Lean Into the Struggle

Don’t let Instagram or magazine covers fool you — everyone struggles, on their yoga mat and on their life’s journey. Even though my name on Instagram is Yoga_Girl, this is my truth: Yoga is not easy for me.

Rachel Brathen- Saturday, 11:00 am0

Better Than Takeout: Zesty Veggie Noodle Salad (GF & Vegan!)

Who needs a quick, easy meal that still tastes amazing and makes your body feel great? Everyone! Throw in the facts that it’s vegan, gluten-free and as tasty as takeout… And we have a winner, people!

Rachel Brathen- Wednesday, 1:47 am0

Here’s How to Trust Life Again so You Can Get Out There and Live

What if you knew deep down that you could never go wrong? That you could trust your life in every unfolding?

Rachel Brathen- Saturday, 5:53 pm0

Podcast Transcription: Movement as Medicine with Lara Heimann

Apr 13, 2018 - In this episode, Rachel is joined by Lara Heimann, physical therapist and anatomy genius. They talk about the dreaded P-word (P-A-I-N) and Lara gives great advice on how to deal with physical discomfort long term. They talk about the dreaded text-neck that’s impacting young adults all across the globe and what remedies to take to avoid it (listen carefully because this applies to us all!).

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 9:21 pm

Yoga Girl Daily Transcription: Feel-Good Friday

Aug 23, 2019 - Let’s head into the weekend feeling good! How much time do you actually take out of your week to do something just for you? Self-care is a practice that requires discipline. It cannot be something we do at the end of the day if there happens to be time left over!

Rachel Brathen- Friday, 8:00 am

Podcast Transcription: Walking Through Fire, Letting the Other Shoe Drop and Telling Your Story with Glennon Doyle

Oct 27, 2017 - In this episode Rachel is joined by Glennon Doyle; #1 NYT Best-Selling author, activist, philanthropist and founder of Momastery; an online platform that changes the lives of millions through storytelling. Glennon shares the story of how she found the love of her life in soccer player Abby Wambach immediately following the release of her #1 New York Times Bestseller Love Warrior (a tale of marriage redemption!) and the value of being truthful - even when it's inconvenient.

Rachel Brathen- Wednesday, 11:15 am

2 Methods Yoga Girl Uses to Find Happiness and Balance

If you’ve followed my Yoga Girl account for any amount of time, you’ve probably picked up on something: I can be unconventional. The methods I use to find happiness and balance might not be what you’d expect — but they always, always work for me.

Rachel Brathen- Sunday, 9:15 pm0

Podcast Transcription: Holding On and Letting Go

Oct 19, 2018 - In this episode Rachel begins by discussing her newly launched Yoga Girl Community - a safe space for people to open their hearts online. From receiving so many deep and personal messages through emails and social media, she knew she needed to find a space to connect us all in a deeper and more tangible way. With the Yoga Girl Community comes the tradition of Sharing Sunday.

Rachel Brathen- Sunday, 3:11 pm

The Perfect Autumn Apple Cider Recipe with a Raw Yoga Girl® Twist

How do you enjoy those traditional warm, cozy drinks that make the colder seasons brighter when you live near the equator? You adapt and make a raw, juiced version!

Rachel Brathen- Wednesday, 10:40 pm0

Podcast Transcription: From Suicide to Sobriety with Shama Persson

Mar 30, 2018 - In this episode, Rachel is joined by her mother Shama! They talk about Rachel’s life growing up and Rachel shares their family constellation including every marriage and divorce and all the stepdads, stepmoms, step-siblings and half-siblings… It’s pretty much the most complicated family history of all time!

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 9:40 pm
Self Love

A Reminder to Those Who Feel Too Much

I feel so very blessed to feel. It’s a profound and holy gift, the experience of feeling. Have you been told feeling is a bad thing, that you can feel “too much?” I have. And I couldn’t disagree more.

Rachel Brathen- Sunday, 2:47 pm0

Podcast Transcription: Your Healing Journey Starts NOW

Aug 2, 2019 - In this episode, Rachel contemplates the body and the role it plays in healing along with the patterns, behaviors, and the stories we tell ourselves. So many of us are in a constant state of stress or fight or flight, especially if we have experienced trauma in our lives. The regular activation of our sympathetic nervous system becomes engrained in us. We feel unsafe and the body holds onto it!

Rachel Brathen- Wednesday, 1:05 am

Even Bad Days Hold Blessings—How to Find Beauty in Bad Days

Do you ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed? You know, those mornings when it feels like the whole day is cursed the moment you sit up?

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 11:57 pm0

6 Life Lessons from Yoga Girl® to Help You Meditate on Love

Life doesn’t have to be as hard as we make it. In my time on this earth, I’ve learned lessons that all point to the same thing - we are not alone, unworthy or incapable. We are LOVE.

Rachel Brathen- Wednesday, 10:38 pm0

Podcast Transcription: Project Alone Time

Jun 15, 2018 - In this episode, Rachel speaks on the importance of taking alone time to rejuvenate and practice self-care. With the demands of everyday life, taking time for ourselves can be challenging but is so necessary if we wish to offer our best selves to the world. Rachel begins the episode by sharing the emotions that surfaced as she left her baby girl and husband back in Sweden and arrived in Aruba alone.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 7:55 pm

How to Change the World: Love Your Family and Pray for the Children

If you want to change the world, go home and love your family. ⁣There is so much I can do for my daughter every day to support her journey and make it brimming with love. But for the things I can’t control, I pray.

Rachel Brathen- Sunday, 12:22 pm0

Everyone’s Goal is to Be Loved, but Are We Seeking It the Wrong Way?

The thing is, we all just want to be loved. All of us. Everyone’s goal is the same. But we could be seeking it all wrong, actually leading ourselves away from love and toward fear. So, we need to know how to read the signs.

Rachel Brathen- Sunday, 5:27 pm0

Podcast Transcription: Overcoming Adversity, Healing Trauma and Parenting Your Own Way with Ashley Albrand

April 14, 2017 - In this episode of From The Heart, Rachel is joined by Ashley Albrand; yoga teacher and ex-professional hip-hop dancer turned modern-day medicine woman and healer. Ashley tells her amazing story about overcoming intense trauma and abuse and how she found healing through practicing yoga and living in tune with nature.

Rachel Brathen- Wednesday, 12:27 pm

30-Minute Meal for Busy Vegans: Savory Potato Mushroom Soup

I absolutely love making soup. It’s cozy, it’s healthy, and the main reason—it's just so easy!

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 9:13 pm0

Podcast Transcription: Feel Your F*cking Feelings with JP Sears

Oct 12, 2018 - In this episode, Rachel is joined by JP Sears, the comedian, author, speaker, emotional healing coach and YouTuber (with over 300 million accumulated views!). Sharing from the heart what has been present in his life lately, JP opens up about feeling lonely and insignificant and how it is through merging comedy and spirituality that he seeks to bring awakening to others.

Rachel Brathen- Wednesday, 11:38 am

Podcast Transcription: Deepak Chopra Wants You To Move, Sleep and Practice Gratitude

Feb 8, 2019 - In this episode, Rachel is joined by none other than Deepak Chopra! World renowned author, speaker and health guru, Deepak brings his wisdom and shares it with us in a beautiful episode on how to create a more balanced, peaceful and sustainable world. To him, it’s simple. We begin by creating more balanced, peaceful and sustainable lives for ourselves.

Rachel Brathen- Friday, 12:12 pm

Be Authentic, Share What Matters: How Yoga Girl® Does Instagram

I am certain my Yoga Girl® Instagram account is followed by millions of people because of one thing: I don’t share bullshit. I didn’t plan to grow it into a global business; it happened because I chose authenticity.

Rachel Brathen- Sunday, 10:09 pm0

Podcast Transcription: What If Every Challenge Is a Blessing In Disguise?

Jan 18, 2019 - In this episode, Rachel shares the lessons her daughter teaches her on a daily basis. From Luna throwing her bowls of food to resting her head on Rachel’s lap during story time, Rachel realizes all of Luna’s behaviors are opportunities for her to self-reflect. If she isn’t present with her daughter she may miss those moments.

Rachel Brathen- Friday, 11:30 am

Podcast Transcription: 52 Weeks of Speaking From The Heart

Mar 23, 2018 - This episode marks the 1-year anniversary of the podcast and Rachel celebrates 52 weeks of storytelling, epiphanies, tears, and so much laughter. She shares how in a way, podcasting has become part of her personal development and allows her to, in an honest way, process her emotions every week... Sort of like therapy! She gives her gratitude to the community for listening and holding space and also shares her biggest inspirations and favorite spiritual teachers.

Rachel Brathen- Thursday, 10:31 pm

Podcast Transcription: The Spiritual Practice of Making Music with Trevor Hall

Sept 29, 2017 - In this episode Rachel is joined by singer-songwriter Trevor Hall! Trevor shares his life story and get ready because this one comes with a TON of wisdom. He shares how a deeply rooted passion for music launched him into a successful career as an artist without ever actually setting out to become famous in the traditional sense of the word.

Rachel Brathen- Tuesday, 1:24 pm

These are the Truths That Set Me Free

The first time I went on a Path of Love retreat, my eyes felt like they opened for the very first time. The truths I learned set me free from a cage I never even knew I had locked myself into.

Rachel Brathen- Sunday, 2:51 pm0

Podcast Transcription: Living with Asthma, Using Meditation to Heal and Learning How to Breathe with Bee Bosnak

June 16, 2017 - Can meditation change your life? In this episode Rachel is joined by Bee Bosnak, meditation expert and yoga teacher from New York. They chat about growing up with asthma, learning how to breathe through yoga and meditation and finding tools to heal emotional pain through sitting in silence.

Rachel Brathen- Friday, 12:11 pm

Why You Should Lean Into the Struggle If You Want to Grow

Every moment is your teacher, here to guide you along your path of growth — but only if you lean in. How do you react to the moments that hurt? What if you dug your heels into the struggle, opened your heart and looked deeper?

Rachel Brathen- Saturday, 12:29 pm0

Podcast Transcription: Vulnerability Will Change Your Life

March 15, 2019 - In this episode, Rachel is back from Costa Rica and home to Aruba. Coming from a very vulnerable place, where she attended the burial of her best friend, she realized: we often act the way we think we should in front of others, instead of allowing ourselves the space to be vulnerable. Especially around our families and those that know us best, we see how we usually act reflected from them and act accordingly.

Rachel Brathen- Saturday, 4:10 pm

Break the Sweet Smoothie Mold with Yoga Girl’s 5-Ingredient Spicy Raspberry Smoothie

Smoothies are easy, nutritious, filling, and there are about a gazillion ways to create them. They’re usually sweet, but today I made one with a little kick!

Rachel Brathen- Wednesday, 10:41 pm0

The 5 Lessons Your Family Relationships Teach You About Life

The bond between you and your family is for life, for better or worse. It’s incredibly special because the bond comes with built-in life lessons designed for you to heal and evolve; 5 of these lessons flash like neon signs right in front of us.

Rachel Brathen- Sunday, 7:22 pm0

Podcast Transcription: Learn How Set Boundaries - It Will Change Your Life

Aug 9, 2019 - In this episode, Rachel dives into the important topic of setting boundaries for your time and energy. Whether it’s friendships that don’t align anymore or work engagements that are asking too much, it is ultimately our responsibility to tell the world exactly what we can offer… and when we need to take some space. When you know what those boundaries are, stick to them!

Rachel Brathen- Tuesday, 1:57 am