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Taurus New Moon: Where Do You Feel Insecure

Taurus new moon… the Sun and Moon are hanging out in the their old slippers, their comfortable t-shirts and those jeans that are stretched out to the nth degree. I am in love with Taurus (do I say that every month?). Is it because my South Node — which is the only indicator in Astrology that talks about past lives — is in Taurus? I feel so at home going slow. You can’t tell by looking, but it’s true.

Debra Silverman- Friday, 11:17 pm

All About Scorpio

The Sun has moved into Scorpio and will be there from October 23 to November 21. Scorpio accelerates the conversations around our humanness. We are vulnerable, confused, and have endlessly absurd behavior we all display from time to time, ultimately categorized under the title: human nature.

Debra Silverman- Tuesday, 1:12 am

Scorpio Taurus Full Moon

The Sun is in Scorpio and the Moon in Taurus. Yum yum. This full moon is all about having an appetite for love, passion running through your veins, and wanting someone with all that you are. Remember that feeling of falling in love?

Debra Silverman- Wednesday, 8:42 pm

Virgo/Pisces Full Moon: Practical Dreamers

You have a dream. You think about it, you ruminate about it, then once it is fully cooked in the oven, you get out a pad of paper and start writing a list. The question is pondered: what exactly do you need next in terms of steps, timing, support? This full moon is a live-time conversation about these two flavors: the dreamer (Pisces) and the executor (Virgo).

Debra Silverman- Thursday, 4:41 pm

Gemini/Sagittarius Full Moon: The Spiritual Practice of Joy

If you look up at the heavens these next two days (June 16-17, 2019), you will see a big fat full moon. As well, there is a very shiny star (planet) standing right nearby: that would be Jupiter. This configuration, the Moon conjunct Jupiter, suggests an extremely positive energy coming our way. It’s the sign of joy and childlikeness, upbeat humor and philosophical thoughts.

Debra Silverman- Monday, 1:33 pm

All About Capricorn

Capricorn is the sign of excellence. The part in all of us who is so goal oriented that nothing will stand in the way of our efforts. So much so that they will step on any person who’s in the way.

Debra Silverman- Monday, 3:44 pm

New Moon Scorpio

Every month, the Moon moves through two noteworthy, significant cycles, and that’s when I show up on Yoga Girl’s blog -- I write articles on the full moon’s influence and the new moon’s themes. These are the two markers when ceremony and magic are best performed with powerful results.

Debra Silverman- Tuesday, 1:11 am

New Moon in Virgo

Virgo in the heavens sets us up for a time of reflection, letting go and reevaluating what practices we want to do to set ourselves up for growing into success.

Debra Silverman- Sunday, 3:32 pm

Leo/Aquarius Full Moon

We all have an ego. This week’s full moon addresses this very truthful topic. Not only do we have one, but it must be tended to. Leos show us how. During this full moon it is asking us to scream at the top of your lungs: I LOVE ME! This is what a full moon when the Sun is in Leo is all about, as we stretch to its high road for a healthy self-esteem.

Debra Silverman- Thursday, 1:36 pm

New Moon in Sagittarius

Here comes a new astrological configuration in the sky: a new moon in Sagittarius, or as astrologers like to call it: double Sag. On December 7, 2018, there is a dark sky with no reflection of the Sun on the Moon; a perfect time for introspection and prayer. (At the end of this blog post are some suggested prayers for you to borrow, so keep reading...)

Debra Silverman- Wednesday, 5:58 pm

All About Sagittarius

I once sat on an airplane with a very professional Japanese woman who had never heard about Astrology or ‘new age’ philosophy of any kind—not yoga, reiki, or Trevor Hall’s music. She had never been asked about what she was feeling and had never even talked about her feelings.

Debra Silverman- Thursday, 8:44 pm

Cancer New Moon: Go Straight Home

Look up—but wait, you can’t see anything. It’s a dark sky: where the Sun and Moon are holding hands in Cancer. This is one of my favorite flavors; brought to us in shiny order by the one and only Dalai Lama. Since I first heard of his noble cause, I have felt so connected to his mission.

Debra Silverman- Monday, 1:02 pm

Aries/Libra Full Moon: Me Versus You

Here comes another full moon where the Sun and Moon are opposite. They polarize during a full moon, and sing of themes that are diverse and even conflicted—until we arrive and try to mediate.

Debra Silverman- Friday, 12:56 pm

2019 Eclipses: Astrology and Predictions

Astrology predicts—or so they say. Prediction is only one of Astrology’s functions. Astrology predicts events and marks time, but most of all, Astrology identifies your role in the universe—who you are and how you can best fulfill your purpose.

Debra Silverman- Monday, 5:54 pm

Sagittarius Gemini Full Moon

If you are lucky enough to go outside tonight, look up. Wherever the Moon is, turn 180 degrees around and imagine that just behind you and below the horizon, the Sun is in the exact same spot you are looking at.

Debra Silverman- Thursday, 8:47 pm

What is Astrology?

Do you find yourself looking up when you’re searching for the right words to say, or for the answer to the burning question in your heart? How breathtaking is it when you find yourself under a night so star-filled that there’s more twinkle than black? That awe isn’t easily replicated.

Debra Silverman- Thursday, 7:57 am

Full Moon in Cancer

Here comes Christmas: the holiday that sings praises to the Christ energy. I may be Jewish, but so was he. None of us are excluded from the spirit of this mythical time. This holiday has the potential to share the deepest current of love known to humans: God’s love—if we just look at the story, the myth of love and pain.

Debra Silverman- Sunday, 2:33 am

Aries Full Moon

On September 24, 2018, we will have a full moon. If you are a beginner to the ancient science of Astrology, you will not know that when there is a full moon: the Sun and the Moon are always opposite.

Debra Silverman- Monday, 4:02 pm

All About Libra

From September 23 through October 23, the Sun is in Libra, and our favorite Libra, Rachel, AKA Yoga Girl, will be celebrating a birthday.

Debra Silverman- Monday, 3:51 pm

Virgo New Moon: An Uphill Battle

When the new moon comes in the words of ‘Double Virgo,’ we must all stop, pause and reflect. We do what we always do during a dark sky, because every time the Sun and Moon are together, they block the light for each other, so we may as well do it ourselves…reflect.

Debra Silverman- Friday, 4:33 pm

Gemini New Moon: Bless Your Inner Child

This week brings a new moon in Gemini. Think Goldilocks… How was she supposed to know which bed to sleep in without trying them all, said the Gemini? Sometimes in life, we wander around. Sometimes we even get lost. It could be a whole lifetime where you are not able to fulfill what you set out to do—children arrive, relationships break, illness occurs—on the way to your destination, something totally unrelated changes the direction of your original goal. This is the tale of a mutable child.

Debra Silverman- Monday, 12:01 pm

Libra New Moon: October 8, 2018

This week, the Sun and Moon stand together. Therefore, it is a dark sky. The light is blocked, and so we have a new moon -- in this case, in the sign of Libra. We call this a double Libra.

Debra Silverman- Monday, 2:19 pm

Astrology For Connecting Romantically

Having a romantic connection is incredibly important in a relationship, especially if you hope to make it a long-term and serious relationship. Determining if you have the potential for romantic compatibility can be hard right off the bat. It can be a mysterious process finding someone who you click with, but sometimes using our astrological signs can help ascertain if your relationship has a chance of blossoming into something deeper and long-lasting.

Debra Silverman- Monday, 3:16 pm