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Let Go and Let In

Those 5 words trickle in often for me as of late. I feel as though my life is in one big transition right now. It’s funny to think of it in terms as though transitions only happen behind us. They’re actually always in motion, because the truth, our truths are always changing.

Stephanie Birch - Thursday, 6:40 pm

Community Is Everything To Me Right Now

In June, I completed another yoga teacher training. The training was held at the studio that introduced me to my very first practice. Going through this program felt a little “full circle” for me. I feel an attachment to this place, even before signing up for their teacher training.

Stephanie Birch - Monday, 1:54 pm

Loving Ourselves is the Greatest Act of All

I often journal after a meditation. It is something I've been practicing since teacher training. My meditation practice is quite visual with colors, pictures, people, scenery, teachers, and my son often comes into my visions. I've grown wings out of my back, I've flown, built houses, and walked on water.

Stephanie Birch - Monday, 6:47 pm

Your Life is Always on Time

Your life is always on time. This has become a mantra for me: my life is always on time.Sometimes life knocks the wind right out of us. Maybe a relationship has ended. Or the job situation didn't pan out. Maybe it feels like life is dropping bombs left and right.

Stephanie Birch - Monday, 12:23 pm

Growing and Giving - Finding Balance Between Doing Good and Honoring Our Needs

This month I’ve had to get real-deal honest with myself. Being honest with myself makes me get real-deal honest with others. It’s not always easy. I am a recovering people-pleaser,

Stephanie Birch - Wednesday, 7:05 pm

Touch Yourself, Know Yourself, Love Yourself

Touch is powerful. We know that skin to skin contact for babies and parents have life-changing and life-lasting benefits. From lowering stress levels, adaptation, mental development, bonding, etc.

Stephanie Birch - Thursday, 7:42 pm

Stephanie Birch - Happy Hips and Heart

Open the heart is the ultimate to connection to the soul

Stephanie Birch - Monday, 3:45 pm


Worthiness does not come in a box — I have never been one for the gifts in the material. My sentimental cannot be wrapped in the perfected gift basket or thoughtful transaction. Maybe I’ve become jaded, or perhaps that holding something in my hand has far less meaning than the emotional connection of such transmission.

Stephanie Birch - Monday, 2:07 pm

May Your Joy Meet Your Edge - How Moving Out of Our Comfort Zones Can Lead to Growth

Hello, Joy, meet Edge. Hello, Edge, meet Joy. I think it’s time for you two to get re-acquainted. I recently came across an interview where adults and children were asked one question. That question being: “If there’s one thing you could change about your body, what would it be?”

Stephanie Birch - Tuesday, 8:37 pm

Unexpected Beginnings: A Yoga Journey

Sometimes the biggest life transformations come from the most unexpected gifts in jumping into the unknown. If you would’ve told me 7 years ago that my life would be fulfilling as a mother, yoga teacher, photographer, and writer I would not have believed you.

Stephanie Birch - Thursday, 4:22 pm

In Search of Ourselves - What Do We Look For in Yoga? What Do We Find?

People often come to yoga looking for something. Whether it’s flexibility, stress relief, healing, health, and physical benefits. All over the world, people are turning to this practice with a desire to get on their mat and breathe.

Stephanie Birch - Thursday, 12:04 am

The Sea Within

We are always being guided. Always. There is a voice that doesn’t necessarily have a language, rather, a deep knowing truth that lands within our bones. One of my favorite words to describe this inner-knowing is InnSæi, an ancient Icelandic word for intuition.

Stephanie Birch - Monday, 7:32 pm

May Your Joy Meet Your Edge

I recently came across an interview where adults and children were asked one question. That question being: "If there's one thing you could change about your body, what would it be?" The adults responded straight to their physical appearance from a variety of facial features and their sizing, from making one's nose smaller, thighs slimmer.

Stephanie Birch - Monday, 6:47 pm

Stephanie Birch - Slow Flow

This class is designed to get you in touch and your innate power!

Stephanie Birch - Thursday, 8:20 pm