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Growing and Giving - Finding Balance Between Doing Good and Honoring Our Needs

This month I’ve had to get real-deal honest with myself. Being honest with myself makes me get real-deal honest with others. It’s not always easy. I am a recovering people-pleaser,

Stephanie Birch - Wednesday, 7:05 pm0

In Search of Ourselves - What Do We Look For in Yoga? What Do We Find?

People often come to yoga looking for something. Whether it’s flexibility, stress relief, healing, health, and physical benefits. All over the world, people are turning to this practice with a desire to get on their mat and breathe.

Stephanie Birch - Thursday, 12:04 am0

Stephanie Birch - Happy Hips and Heart

Open the heart is the ultimate to connection to the soul

Stephanie Birch - Monday, 3:45 pm0
Self Love

Touch Yourself, Know Yourself, Love Yourself

Touch is powerful. We know that skin to skin contact for babies and parents have life-changing and life-lasting benefits. From lowering stress levels, adaptation, mental development, bonding, etc.

Stephanie Birch - Thursday, 7:42 pm0

May Your Joy Meet Your Edge - How Moving Out of Our Comfort Zones Can Lead to Growth

Hello, Joy, meet Edge. Hello, Edge, meet Joy. I think it’s time for you two to get re-acquainted. I recently came across an interview where adults and children were asked one question. That question being: “If there’s one thing you could change about your body, what would it be?”

Stephanie Birch - Tuesday, 8:37 pm0

Stephanie Birch - Slow Flow

This class is designed to get you in touch and your innate power!

Stephanie Birch - Thursday, 8:20 pm0