Authentically You Retreat w/ Rachel Brathen and Stephanie Birch

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today March 28 - April 2, 2019 location_on Aruba

Welcome to the Caribbean

What experiences are calling out to you as 2019 appears on the horizon? What adventures are your body and soul yearning for? When was the last time you gave yourself a week to simply enjoy this beautiful life?

How does a special week of yoga, meditation and self-discovery on an island paved with paradise sound to you? We think it sounds dreamy! Surely a must book for anyone looking to sit in session with their soul and an epic opportunity for those seeking rest, rejuvenation and a reset from within.

This March Island Yoga is delighted to be welcoming Stephanie Birch as a guest teacher for our first ‘Authentically You’ Retreat Program. In addition to Rachel’s heart-centered teachings and all the deliciously nourishing activities from our classic retreat program; Stephanie will be leading a series of workshops inviting you to use writing as a medium to dive deep into what your soul is calling out to share in this world.


We offer 3 different accomodations options at Beautiful Costa Esmeralda Village. Located a short 5 minute walk from Island Yoga, it offers a refreshing, comfortable, intimate atmosphere.

$2,300 USD

$2,400 USD

$2,440 USD

$2,830 USD


Rachel Brathen
Rachel Brathen

Founder, CEO

Swedish native Rachel Brathen is an international yoga teacher, New York Times best-selling author, mother and serial entrepreneur residing in Aruba. After graduating school in Stockholm she traveled to Costa Rica and it was here that she found the joy of incorporating yoga into her everyday life. Deepening her yoga practice and also taking her first steps towards teaching, she ended up moving to Central America where she spent years exploring the intricate studies of yoga and spirituality. After moving to Aruba early 2010 she started teaching yoga full time on this Caribbean island. Her classes are a dynamic Vinyasa Flow integrating alignment, core work, and breathing techniques with basic poses and creative sequencing. With over three million followers in social media, Brathen shares pieces of her life with the world every day and has inspired thousands of people though events, workshops, retreats and trainings. In addition to teaching worldwide, Rachel is the founder of; an online platform for yoga, meditation, and healing. As the most successful crowd-funded yoga project of all time, the platform is made up of a vast community of dedicated practitioners from all over the world looking to cultivate balance, create space for inner healing and deepen their yoga practice. With an amazing team of experienced guides and teachers, oneOeight offers heart-centered classes designed to fit the always evolving needs of body, mind and soul.

Stephanie Birch
Stephanie Birch

Expert Contributor, Certified Yoga Teacher

I came for the sweat and found a way of life. I was a long-time athlete looking for a challenge and was hooked from my very first yoga class. It wouldn’t be until years later that I connected with the practice on a deeper level, outside of the perceived “fitness trend.” After my son was born, I turned to my mat in a life-saving-and-changing way and the practice ignited my greatest purpose: to serve and give back to others. The practice of yoga is simple, be yourself. I believe that showing up for yourself is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and to this world. I am passionate about encouraging others to move, breathe, feel, and heal on and off their yoga mats. My hope is that we come together to love and lift each other as we navigate through this thing we call “life.” In my everyday life, I’m a play-at-home mama, yoga teacher, life photographer, writer, artist, Tahoe-lover, a sucker for dark chocolate, dark beer, and a life well-lived. You can find me on my mat teaching with a wide-open heart in Sacramento, CA and online at

What You Get

5 Restful Nights

Lodging for 5 Nights at Costa Esmeralda, an easy 5 minute walk around the corner from Island Yoga.

Twice Daily Yoga + Meditation

Start and end each day with yoga and meditation.

Intimate Circle Sharings

Tap into your deeper self and take part in group healing exercises.

Daily Breakfast

Start the day with a healthy, vegan breakfast served in the Cafe

Welcome and Farewell Dinners

We'll all join for a gourmet dinner in our garden.

Airport Shuttle Service

We’ll handle transportation.

SUP Yoga Class

Add the environment and peaceful water to your yoga.

Caribbean Sail

Dance and swim amongst the turquoise ocean.

Northshore Adventure

Hike to the northen part of the Island.