Los Angeles, CA

Yoga Class with Rachel Brathen - Sunday, October 20th at 1PM

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Los Angeles! Join us for a special "To Love and Let Go" Yoga Class with Yoga Girl Rachel Brathen at the Shrine Expo Hall. Bring your mat, friend and a water bottle! See you there!

About this Event

Join us for this very special yoga class event merging yoga, heart healing, storytelling and community creation together with Yoga Girl, Rachel Brathen! Get ready to move your body in a heartfelt session designed to open your heart, get you out of your comfort zone, help you create space where you’ve once felt stuck and most important of all: remind you that you never, ever, ever walk alone. Prepare to sweat, breathe, journal, share, connect and feel! Bring your yoga mat, water bottle, journal and pen (and perhaps a sweater for Savasana in case you need it). The yoga practice is followed by a Q&A, conversation and open storytelling.

Date And Time

Sunday, October 20, 2019



Shrine Expo Hall

665 West Jefferson Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90007 United States

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About 'To Love and Let Go':

While on her way to teach a yoga retreat in March 2014, Rachel Brathen collapses at an airport, brought to her knees by excruciating stomach pains. She is rushed to the hospital on the tiny island of Bonaire, and hours later forced to undergo surgery. When she wakes up from anesthesia, her boyfriend is weeping at her bedside. While Rachel was struck down with seemingly mysterious pain, her best friend, Andrea, sustained fatal injuries as a result of a car accident. Rachel and Andrea had a magical friendship. Though they looked nothing alike—one girl tall, blond, and Swedish, the other short, brunette, and Colombian—everyone called them gemelas: twins.

Over the three years following Andrea’s death, at what might appear from the outside to be the happiest time—with her engagement to the man she loves and a blossoming career that takes her all over the world—Rachel faces a series of trials that have the potential to define her life. Unresolved grief and trauma from her childhood make the weight of her sadness unbearable. At each turn, she is confronted again and again with a choice: Will she lose it all, succumb to grief, and grasp for control that’s beyond her reach? Or can she move through the loss and let go?

When Rachel and her husband conceive a child, pregnancy becomes a time to heal and an opportunity to be reborn herself. As she recounts this transformative period, Rachel shares her hard-won wisdom about life and death, love and fear, what it means to be a mother and a daughter, and how to become someone who walks through the fire of adversity with the never-ending practice of loving hard and letting go.

About the Author:

Rachel Brathen is the New York Times bestselling author of Yoga Girl and a world-renowned yoga instructor who teaches workshops and leads retreats around the globe. She is the founder of YogaGirl.com, an online platform for yoga, meditation, and healing, as well as Island Yoga, the largest yoga studio in the Caribbean. Rachel runs two non-profit organizations: Sgt Pepper’s Friends, an animal rescue foundation based in Aruba, and Yoga Girl® Foundation, benefitting women and children in need. Find her on Instagram @yoga_girl and on her popular podcast, From the Heart: Conversations with Yoga Girl. Born in Sweden, she lives in Aruba with her husband and daughter.

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