#GivingTuesday with Yoga Girl Foundation

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Yoga Girl Foundation is raising funds for children that have suffered through sexual abuse and violence and they need help!

On December 3rd, 2019 yoga teachers and studios around the world are getting together to donate proceeds from their featured classes for #givingtuesday to help little ones that really need some kindness and help to heal from the suffering and pain they've gone through.

If you’d like to host a #givingtuesday class at your studio, Yoga Girl Foundation will feature your class on their website (with direct links to sign up!) and will help you promote the event. Click the link above to easily sign your studio up or find classes to take.

If you are not a teacher, but would like to help, you can look at the classes that will be happening in your area and attend with trust that 50% or 100% of proceeds will go to this initiative. You can also help by sharing this link with your friends and family or donating to Yoga Girl Foundation directly as well.

Thank you Yoga Girl Community for your heart and supportive energy! Together we can make a difference!